Monday, 22 April 2013

Emotional Monday

A Monday that is filled with a lot of emotions, just the morning alone.
1. Couldn't slp well last night due to some unhappiness with Baby yesterday evening. But I'm glad it is over (which I hope it really be over) & we are back to lovey-dovey again <3

NOTE: I must really be more sensitive to people's feelings sometimes, esp those whom are important people in my life.

2. My daily routine of reading the newspaper while having my breakfast, which I read on the death of actor Huang Wen Yong just two days ago. His departure somewhat makes me feel rather down. I teared as though he is related to me :’(

The heart-wrenching part is not about his departure (everyone will leave this world one day; just a matter of when only); but the fact that he actually cared so much for others even though he was sick. He kept the seriousness of his illness to his close colleagues, friends & loved one; just to not let them worry too much. Based on the news report, he can even joke that he is alright & ask people around him to take care when being asked about this health. This is the part which makes me feel that he is such a noble.

Huang Wen Yong, an actor that I’ve been watching his shows since young. Yes, no doubt he is unlike those young, suave male idols whom girls like me will go gaga over; deep down I always feel that his acting is constantly good & incomparable. There goes the saying, “还是老的辣“. So, he will miss the Star Awards this year. He will not be on stage even his name is called out to :(( His departure makes people out there feels that he SHOULD get his last Top 10 award this year, to honour his outstanding acting for the very last time. But I really wonder why for the past 16 nominations (other than last year when he finally got into Top 10 once), was he not “appreciated” as much, & it is only upon his departure?? Well, just my personal feeling..

NOTE: It is really time I should really really treasure & appreciate people whom are important to me & don’t take them for granted. Cos you won’t know when will be the day you or the person will leave this world. We should NEVER live with regrets!!
3.  Called up TF at 9:30AM to sign up for Wed’s 6:30PM spinning class. & guess what, it is FULLY BOOKED!! I’m like WTF @#$%^&*#$%^ I alrdy called 2 days in advance & in the MORNING…& you tell mi I’ve to walked in cos the 5 slots for phone booking is all taken up?? WTH…5 PATHETIC SLOTS?????????? Must well don’t open any phone booking? & the best part is you tell me I’ve to call early in the morning, like 6:30AM to book my class which is going to be schedule 2 days later? You really deserve some hell scolding from me!! The class can cater up to 20+ people, & who the hell is the stupid planner whom only caters 5 slots for phone booking? Hello, I end work at 6pm okay…the class is 6:30PM…how on earth do you think I can get a slot even when I leave work on the dot..rush like mad to your gym for a ALWAYS FULLY PACKED class????? I’m definitely going to “FEEDBACK” to the floor manager. I seriously think you guys need some customer service training BADLY.

4. I just recall another incident that equally spoils my Monday morning. Ordered & paid for my Queen Helene mask (as recommended by YT again) through Qo010 last night & this morning I saw a $2 price reduction. Damn it!!!! I feel cheated!!! >:(

5. My small toe nail drops off suddenly :'( The whole piece literally dangle around there..there goes my pedicure :'((((((

Why so suayyyy!!!!

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