Monday, 6 May 2013

49 Seats

My last meetup with Grace was many many months ago..FINALLY I get to meet up with this busy girl, & not forgetting my maomao :) Suggested 49 Seats to them, ever since I saw YT's post on it. I was so SHOCKED to even realise it is just opposite my house!!! A cafe just 2mins walk frm my house & I din even realise?? *slap the forehead* HAHAHA!!

Becos queuing is never my cup of tea, unless reservation is not allowed, I make a last minute reservation & was lucky enough to have my table reserved :) 

 I guess the curtains is the "cause" of me not realizing this cafe :p

 Grace & me were early...that explains the empty cafe.
Slow crowds start to come in, even on a Monday evening.

NO Service Charge; NO GST. 
They have different promotions daily.
Top up $4.90 on top of your mains, & you will get soup of the day + a drink

I though this is cheap? But Baby says is NORMAL :/
Well, I'm not a beer girl...

 1 sprite VS 2 lemon tea

 Cream of Mushroom Soup
Pretty good, with tiny bits of mushroom. 
Mushroom taste is just nice, not too overly strong.

 Tomato Soup, which taste like minestrone
but sadly, the soup was kinda cold when it was served :(

As they are having 15% off their regular fries & onion rings....
maomao ordered the fries as her "main" since she is not hungry :)
but this side dish ended up sharing...
Not too saltish, not too oily. 
Crispy..I LIKE :D

4 wings + 4 drumlets
I just couldn't resist chix wings...I LOVE CHIX WINGS :D
whenever chix wing is 1 of the side dish choices, I would definitely order.

 Tom Yam Seafood Pasta, which Grace & I ordered.
don't order this if you can't take spicy (*look at the chilli padi).
or you may ought for less spicy.
I swear I never expect it to be so hot..i was perspiring. LOL :p
but I LOVE SPICINESS...really shiokkkk!!
Also love it that their sauce is pretty the pasta doesn't taste dry.

Brought Baby to try 49 Seats when he came over my house after gym. Food was awesome as usual. Glad that the Boy loves it :)

 Only upgrade one main to a set since Baby have yet to try.

 I just couldn't resist their Tom Yum pasta. It is really their SIGNATURE dish,
cos almost every table order this main.
Asked for less chilli padi this time, but....
I prefer it more spicy lehs!! :P
well, the agony....

 Baby's Creamy Smoked Duck. Another MUST-ORDER!!!
HAHAHAHAH!! The duck does not have strong duck smell;
& the cream sauce is not jelak at all!! 

see the Boy really loves his Creamy pasta!!!
He almost lick the whole plate :P

 Waffle with 2 scoops of ice-cream & maple syrup.
Thanks Patrick (the only male waiter in 49 seats) for the recommendation.
I must mention the service from the staffs are  really thumbs up. 
Very attentive & they will give you good recommendations.
i.e. when I decide not to top up my main into set for $4.90,
but just order a soft drink for $3...
Patrick recommended me frizzy drink (as above) which taste more special,
& cost only $2.50!!!! :D

Before ending off, something funny that need to be pen down. I was telling Baby, the male waiter gives mi a "Patrick" feel - I guess his name is Patrick. So, I told Baby to ask for his name upon the bill payment. The male waiter smiled & humbly told us his name is "PATRICK!!!!!"

Imagine our reaction???!!! We really controlled our laughter before leving the restaurant!! HAHAHHAHAHA :DDDDD

We are pro at guessing names... hehehee :P

49 Seats
49 Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 089007

Open Mondays to Saturdays from 5.30pm till Late ! 
Tel: 6225 4332

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