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PHUKET (Day 2)

Day 2 is Island Hopping Day :D 
A day we hope make up our disappointing Day 1 :<

Our island hopping costs us 1,200 baht per pax.
It includes Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Lagoon, Viking Cave, Monkey Beach, Phi Phi Don Island (Ton Sai Bay) and Khai Nok Island.

Disclaimer: Honestly, base on my peektures taken, I have forgotten which island is which (becos I nv really pay attention to what the guide say), except for Maya Bay, Viking Cave & Monkey Beach which are the most obvious ones. HAHAHA!! So I blog base on the brochure I took from my Island Hopping.

Rise & Shine very early cos we planned to have the hotel breakfast (which starts at 7am!) before the pickup from our hotel comes to fetch us, around 7.45am. 

#OOTD for Day 2

The daily spread provided by the hotel
I would rate it a 6/10 :/ Edible but definitely not fantastic.

Poached Egg. Belgian Waffle. Pancake.

The round trip (to & fro hotel) air-conditioned minibus carries around 12 pax & journey to the pier is approximately an hour. Had my sea-sick pills after my bfast & I was feeling slightly drowsy.

PS: Becos I'm afraid that I'll hv severe sea-sick probs when on-board the boat, I took 2 pills. Never did I expect 2 pills can cause drowsiness :SSSS No wonder I keep sleeping on Baby's shoulder when travelling from island to island.
Conclusion: Don't be kiasu. Take 1 pill will do D:

1 of the guide explaining the island we will be going to..

Becos we were warned....

we rented per pair for 100baht, but we DID NOT USE IT AT ALL D:

Our very friendly guide, a joker too.
He is Kobi, whom he intro himself as Kobe Bryant.

Departure to Phi Phi Ley Island by speedboat

Arrive at Maya Bay, the beach featured in the movie "The Beach" (starring Leonardo Dicaprio).

It would be perfect minus the "uncountable" no. of speedboats & overwhelming tourists!!! 
Too crowded that it spoil every picture taken >:(
You can hardly find a spot where the picture is the sea, sky & YOU.

HAHAHAHA. Ignore my retarded face.
Okay, Baby I know you are trying to fly like an eagle :P


the very soft sand

Loh Samah Bay

Viking Cave

Although this famous cave is no longer open for tourists to enter, speedboat operators usually stop their boats close enough to the entrance of the cave for you to see inside and take pictures.

Within the cave there are lots of ledges which are inhabited by thousands of birds called swifts. These birds make their nests out of their own saliva, the nests are harvested and later sold to make birds nest soup.

To collect the valuable bird’s nests from inside the cave, local workers risk their lives by climbing unstable looking bamboo scaffolding to reach the nests.

Now we know why bird nests are priced so high D: 

Monkey Beach
Dunno whether to be disappointed or what, we are unable to get off the speedboat to get a closer look at the wild monkeys. Come to think of it, it will be better off this way, in case we get attack or scratch by the monkeys?? :SSS

this pic would be perfect if only the "butt lady" is not there .___.

Lunch Time (included in the Island Hopping package) at Boza Boza Bar & Restaurant on Phi Phi Don Island (Ton Sai Bay)

Buffet Style

Food provided was rather decent...not too bad :)

the drinks have to be purchased though.

If you are brave/curious, you can have your pictures taken with the monkeys, iguana & eagle (which I did not manage to snap a pic of). Of cos, these pictures taken come with a price even if you are using your own camera.

Emo monkey NOT!!!
In fact, she is quite mischevious.
She will pull off tourists' sunglass/caps etc during photo taking session.

Left pic: I've to admit I take lousy shots most of the time :( 
the sea covers 90% of the pic, with only 10% sky :<
Right pic: Perfect shot by Master Tan! blahhhhh...

Khai Nok Island for snorkelling

Like a pro!
But in fact I'm SO DAMN LOUSY, cos I'm still struggling inside the sea even with my life-vest on :X I just couldn't relax & let my whole body float (& I dunno how to tread water). Kept on clinging onto the handle bars of the stairs that is attached to the speedboat & my legs keep on knocking into the engine. So painful :( 

In case you are wondering where is my "cruel" boyf cos he should jolly well hold on to me, he actually did!! Just that it seems that I keep pulling him down when I'm kinda struggling..HAHAHAH!! 

So, after like 2 mins of struggling, I went back to the boat. FEELING DAMN EMO & LOW :'(((

Nevermind, I still manage to see some corals & tropical fishes before I went on-board. hehehe :p Die die also must see what is below! 

Baby enjoyed the snorkelling although I think he drank like 500ml of the very salty sea-water!!

Relaxing on the white sandy beach (the drizzle spoil everything though) before our departure back to the pier and transfer to our hotel. 

This sums up our Island Hopping for Day 2. Tiring day!!
Overall, I would rate it a 7/10.

Dinner Time!!!
No. 6 Thai Restaurant - serves decent thai food at affordable price.
We walked passed this restaurant on our way to Jungceylon on Day 1 & the crowd inside drew our attention.

Apparently we patronised this restaurant for 3 days!!! 
IT IS GOOD, I SWEAR!!! Definitely worth the queue..


Everything is good, esp the TOM YUM GOONG.
Full of seafood. YUM!!

This restaurant is located near Bangla Road.
(Sorry I know this info doesn't really help..but this is the best I could describe :| ) 

No. 6 Restaurant
69 Soi Prabaramee 3
Prabaramee Road, Patong
Phuket 83150, Thailand

OTW back to hotel, I spot this.
TOO FULL..but I just couldn't give this a miss.

Ordered Banana Coconut Chocolate flavour

taste abit like roti prata
but still nice lahs..

Massage Place along the stretch of our hotel
Our first 2hrs full body massage of the trip.

Ending off with an ugly pic of me, taken by Baby.
Super wrong angle lohs, look at those arms!!

Day 3 to be contd'...

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