Sunday, 23 June 2013

PHUKET (Day 3)

I know this is very random, but I told Baby we need to take the picture of the Patong Beach flooring (to "prove" we did come to Patong Beach). So, here are our feet with the tile :p


Day 3's itinerary is to explore other beaches beside the overcrowded Patong Beach. Was deciding between 2 out of the 3 most popular beaches (Karon, Kata & Kamala) & after much research & a feedback from a taxi driver, it shall be Kata & Kamala Beach.

Decided to skip our hotel's breakfast & check out other places. Walk & walk, in the end we end up with No. 6 Restaurant for breakfast again. This is our second visit after Day 2's dinner.

<3 their watermelon ice blend which can quench our thirst well.

After breakfast, we headed back to hotel to change before cabbing down to Kata Beach for our first stop. Thankful for the Sun, we were able to get some tan (despite a short 1/2 hr drizzle). In fact, we got burnt .__.

#OFTD for Day 3

Paid 150 baht for 2 suntanning beds.The lime green beach towel is from our hotel.
We were applying our suntan oil.

*I really HATE those excess saddlebag fats at my butt area. Pls lemme know what can I do to remove them!! -cries- #IHATEMYSAGGINGBUTT :'(( * 

Anyway, if you are wondering, this is the tanning oil we used to achieve that healthy tan. 

hiding under the umbrella from the rain.

rain rain go away, it is now tanning time.

Life should be #likeaboss

Baby was tempted to try this, but the short <5mins up into the sky cost a whopping 1,500 baht :SSS So, shld be spend on other stuffs. LOL!

Our jumping get more & more pro.
To a higher jump next round :)

Our foot marks left at Kata Beach on 23.05.13

Tutu-ing to Kamala Beach.
I'm an anti-tutu when in BKK cos why pay almost the same, when you can enjoy safer & conditioned ride in their taxi? But this tutu is different. Though it is not air-conditioned, it is so spacious & "solid"; most importantly it looks SAFE!

I don't deny this ride makes me change my perception towards tutu-ing..
hehehehe :)

Kamala Beach
Erms, I admit this (& the next 2 pics) is an edited pic :X
It is NOT sunny & bright when we visit at all, in fact very gloomy. 
The beach definitely wasn't what we expect to be, scenic & calm.

The only beach we did not even went down to the sea, did not even take pictures of ourselves with the beach. I swear the monsoon weather made everything look bad there.


Okay, not a bad visit cos Baby made a new friend here. 
Mr. Hermit.
Baby is like "obsessed" with this hermit crab, which you will see below...

Bad lunch at some eatery on the beach.
So everything seems bad abt Kamala Beach??? 
Now I'm wondering again did we got ourselves to the right beach which Peggy (aka sixpegs) went to? It is through her blog, I've decided to visit this beach.
But......OH MY! :O

-End of our visit to Kamala Beach-

Back at our hotel to wash up & off to our dinner. Spot Muay Thai mini vans along the road, where they "showcase" their boxer on the vans & giving out leaflets asking people to attend Muay Thai matches.

Dinner at Mr. Good's Seafood, opposite of No. 6 Restaurant.
Again, it was the crowd that drew us there when we were queuing at No. 6.

We had early dinner, but the place is fully packed with tourists by dinner time.

Choosing our seafood

Verdict: OVERRATED!!! Once again... D:
Food wasn't that fantastic as compared to No. 6 & worst, the portion were small (every dish is only enough for a pax) & waiting time is LONG. We waited for that plate of wrongly prepared prawns (we asked for butter garlic prawns, they gave us some bbq butter prawns!! ) for almost 30 mins, after we finished the other 3 dishes.

Total bill came up to 1,070 baht.
I'm more bias towards No. 6, I'm sure with that amount, I can have better dishes.

Bangla Street after dinner.
That's when Patong's liveliest party zone becomes closed to traffic and ready for action! Famous for its raunchy nightlife, Bangla goes all out to entertain with girls, beers and music.

Spot the human.

Whole stretch of pubs/bars

Some nailing competition between the ang mo & the beer lady

Some are chio lahs, but some really :O

Before heading back to our hotel, Crepe again!! :DD
Mango Signature. 
Baby still prefer the Nutella Mango we had on Day 1.

New bikinis added to my collection.
I ♥♥♥ these 2 sets cos of the colours!! 

Not forgetting our 2nd couple item!

Woooots, look who's that??
Mr. Hermit in a bottle for a night.
There are 2 hermit crabs btw. 

OHHH, Baby is not being cruel by trapping them in the bottle.
He showered them with lotsa TLC okay; gave them water, fruits & even check them out before sleeping. Anw, he released them the very next morning :<

He don't even check on me before he slp lohs -.-

This entry marks our end of Day 3
- Bed Time -

Day 4, which is also our last day, to be contd'...


  1. oh 1,500 baht. tts S$62.5!

    If I recall correctly, its cheaper to do this in batam.

    1. HAHAHA really? 1,500 baht is like daylight robbery. LOL :p