Saturday, 13 July 2013

Salad Day

It all started when this colleague started recommending The Salad Corner at Market Street Food Centre (formerly known as Golden Shoe) to another colleague...& through word of mouth, more & more people started patronizing this salad stall. 

Personally, I prefer to prepare my own salad than buying outside as they are usually over-priced. Furthermore, I can add my favourite ingredients & sauces; & most importantly prepare a BIG portion to satisfy myself :DDD

So one fine day, I was briefly talking to my colleague, suggesting that our department should all buy different ingredients & make our own salad instead!!! Vrooommmm...the response was good. Almost 80% of the dept joined in this "Make our Salad Day".

In fact this entry is the second Salad Day within my dept :) Response was even better than the first, 21 people in total :D 

Whoever thinks that salad is boring, not fulfilling etc...wait till you see what our Salad Day  has for you. You will be shocked by the wide arrays of ingredients we are able to choose from (of cos some are sponsored by kind colleagues. i.e. like the roast chix, fried beancurd, fried egg, french beans & jackfruit).

 here we have hard boiled eggs, cocktail sausages, beansprouts, boiled potatoes, butter-head, mix salad veg, rocket leaves, corn, kidney beans, chickpea, grapes, cherry tomatoes, pasta, Japanese Cucumber & broccoli

 there we have fried egg, pineapple cubes,fried beancurd, jackfruit, roasted chix, chicken ham, french beans, cheese & corn bread (in case we are still not full -.-)

4 different kind of sauces: Thousand Island, Mayonnaise, Roasted Sesame Sauce (this is very good for shabu shabu too!!) & another sesame sauce.

 Only at less than $5/pax, we get to eat all these ingredients!!!! O.o

 Kind colleagues who help to prepare the salad by mixing the ingredients together.
I'm also kind, cos I took photos & leave them with memories of our Salad Day :PP

 So colourful & very yummy!!!

 In our black/white theme.
Most of my colleagues are mama-san liao..HAHAHA.
I'm still the 2nd youngest within the dept. #dontplayplay :p

Can't wait for next dept lunch - It's Sandwich Day ^^

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  1. wow, what a good idea! Interesting way of 'team bonding'!