Sunday, 7 July 2013


Time really flies. Half year have passed & we are in the 3rd quarter of year 2013. First week of July already flew passed. Looking back, what have you achieved & yet to achieve? It is time to review at the resolution that you set 6 months ago & buck up if you have fulfill none of them :O

My 2013 Resolution (as of 01.01.13)
1. Hit the gym at least 2-3 times a week; yoga + cardio 
ACHIEVED! Have been attending body pump/spinning/yoga classes 2-3 times a week + hitting the gym 1-2 a week.

2. Save another $10k by end of 2013
HALF-ACHIEVED! Thanks to bonus, I've hit half my target. 

3. Lose 3kgs by end of 2013
NOT ACHIEVED!! Worse, I gained 1 kg. Pls tell me they are muscle mass :( I need to shed off these 3,000 grams :'(((

4. Head to another country for Countdown
NO PLANS YET!! Baby should we?? :P But we are saving for KOREA hor? :S

5. To learn a something it a foreign language or sports
NOT YET ACHIEVED! But I'm determined to master my cycling this year; must be able to cycle stably & not have phobia when my bike goes near pedestrians. HAHA!!  

6. Make more friends & meet up with existing friends more
Hmmmm..I'm not too sure if this can be achieve. Seems like I've just "lost" a close buddy recently? :<

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