Saturday, 3 August 2013


Anybody loves the recent 9pm show 《志在四方》 as much as I do?? It has really been awhile that Channel 8 is airing some decent & worthy watching show >< I strongly recommend this show if you have yet to catch any episode. Go download, watch via xinmsn or Mio. Whichever way, I promise you will not regret :)

So the purpose of this entry is to jot down some wonderful codes I've learnt from the last episode. Yes!! You never hear me wrong, codes I learn by watching this show.

"最可怕的不是什么世界末日,是你告诉你自己 “不可以”。" [To Myself]

“人就是这样,在的时候不会珍惜,不在了才来遗憾...” [A reminder to appreciate/care my loved ones always; & not regret only when they are not around. That includes my family & friends]

“我宁愿有未来,历史是死的。未来可以创造!” [To Baby Boy]

“生活不容易过,忙忙碌碌,挫折很多..但是不管生活上发生多少不好的事情,都是为了要让你变成一个更加坚强的人。所以,不要放弃生活,不要放弃梦想,也不要小看自己的工作小看自己。让自己的生命去影响别人的生命,让整个世界变得更加的美好!还有,不要错过任何一个拥抱,不要吝啬说声“加油”![To EVERYONE]

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  1. the future is ours to build, as long as we stay tgt thru thick and thin :) <3<3