Saturday, 10 August 2013

Non-Stop Eating Part 1


Yearly affair with Robert Timms for their 1-1 main course. If you think TCC is good, I assure you Robert Timms is definitely better & worth the money spent. 

However, small couple eaters be warned!! Ordering 1 main course each plus a drink is enough to make you full. Baby & I ordered 1 main course each, plus Cheesy Bolognese Criss Cut Fries to share during our first visit, & we nearly "died" from just these 3 dishes :SS Second visit, we ordered 1 main each as well (I mean it is 1-1 for main course, so of cos we need to order 1 main each) plus Clams in White Wine to share (thinking this is not as heavy as the fries)..we were equally bloated. 

NOTE: We are rather big eaters!!

So this time round, no over-ordering!!! We need to maintain the numbers on the weighing scale!!

 Cafe Latte

 Bacon & Mushroom Egg Drop Fettuccine
Baby rate this as 1 of the BEST cream sauce pasta he had!

 Garlic Cilantro Prawn Spaghetti
The prawns are very fresh. But personally it will be better if this plate of aglio olio is a lil' more spicy; not to mention I alrdy asked for my spag to be more spicy when placing my order!


The House of Robert Timms
501 Orchard Road
#01-02/03 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880
Tel: 6735 9201

321 Orchard Road
#01-01/02 Orchard Shopping Centre
Singapore 238866
Tel: 6733 0609

Finally, we tried this; after our gym!! Not again >< We are forever eating unhealthy after gym, no wonder we still stay so pui :SS 

The forever long queue fast food restaurant - 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken. The seats are so limited, no wonder the queue looks never ending D:

Waiting for this thingy to buzz in order to collect our order.

Spot Baby collecting our orders at the Pickup Counter.

Our 6 pcs drumsticks combo.
Chose both hot & spicy + soya garlic flavors;
with seaweed fries.

Love the chix skin cos they tasted crispy & full of taste.
But I feel it would be better if the chix meat will be more seasoned.
The meat taste abit blend though the skin make up to it.
Ohhh..the seaweed fries are yummeh :)

However, never did I expect these "very powerful" chix caused me sore throat the very next day;
plus non-stop coughing with bad phlegm till now :O

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
#01-32 Plaza Singapura

#B4-06A Ion Orchard

Mookata has been gaining popularity over the past 2 years. I've previously tried Mookata at East Coast and Tom Yum Kungfu at Circular Road, which you can read here

This time round, MooJaa, which happens to be walking distance from my house. 
Be it Mookata, MooJaa or Tom Yum Kungfu, there are actually all thai-style bbq cum steamboat.

On a side note, I really love the location of my house. I'm surrounded with all the good food! Yummeh :D
Only 1 table dedicated for outdoor seating. The rest are indoor seating & advance reservation is definitely a MUST!!

MooJaa's extensive menu, available on their FB as well.
Basically you can choose their Mookata sets or ala-carte dishes.

Mookata sets come in 4 options, namely Ala-carte Buffet, King Moo Set, Set Moo or Set Gai. Guess which set Baby & I choose?? :D

For $45++, you can enjoy Set Moo (pork) or Set Gai (chicken) depending on which meat you prefer. These 2 sets are recommended for 2 pax, provided you don't eat alot.

For $60++, King Moo sets (recommended for 3) have beef, pork & chicken. 

 However, if you’re a meat lover, the Ala-Carte Buffet is definitely for you! Personally, I'm not a meat lover; I'm more of a veg lover..I just can't live without my greens!!! Baby & I opted for this set cos we think that this set is more worth our money. 

Priced at $32++ per pax, & additional $5+ for free flow of non-alcoholic drinks (that includes soft drinks, or their in-house drinks like Ice Milk Tea, Lemongreass etc..), this allows you to order anything from the ala carte menu in a buffet style! You ought to check out the 28 ala-carte items which you can keep ordering, except for Item 1 & 2 (which you are entitle to 1 plate each)!! :O Super worth it lohs!

2 types of sauces served - Spicy BBQ and Sweet Sour Seafood Sauce.
Prefer the seafood sauce anytime. It tasted really awesome & goes well with anything!! 
The spicy BBQ sauce is pretty average though, maybe it not spicy enough for my liking. 

MooJaa's highly raved Cheese Balls!!

Ooooozing nacho cheese..Ooo-la-la~

Fried Fish Skin, which makes us feel jelak after too much of it ><
Tip: Dip the fish skin into the tangy seafood sauce for a twist :)
You will be surprised that they actually go well together.

Thai Ice Milk Tea
Even though this is the recommended drink, Baby & I find this kinda sweet for our liking.
The aroma of the tea is somehow overwhelmed by the milk :(

I reckon the Set Moo or Set Gai looks somewhat like this.
Not free flow though.

Top: U.S Angus Beef
Bottom: Premium Kurobuta Pork
Limited to one plate of either each per pax if you order the Ala-Carte Buffet.

The staff demonstrating on how to bbq the mookata way :)
Like the idea that the steamboat thingy is placed in the "hole" of the table. This can prevent oil for splattering around. Awesome!!

Steam-boating while bbq-ing :)

The thick white pc in the top centre of the ufo-look alike steamboat is actually the pork lard. It is placed in the top centre so as to let the oil drip down the sides, on the meat to make it more flavorful.

But why does the staff have to bbq my meat this way?? D: We prefer it slice by slice, instead of chunky ball shaped.

Refilled our meat, abalone slice & clam!!

Overall Verdict: Set Moo/Gai might be too little for both of us to share, but the buffet style is not really worth it for me since I'm more of veg lover. Also, the meat aren't tasty enough >< Meat keep sliding down into the soup during bbq, this really irritates us >:( HAHAHA!! Don't think we will go back again, or anytime soon. :/

Address: 25 Keong Saik Road S(089132)
Tel: +65 6536 4780

Opening hours:
Lunch: 11.00am – 2.00pm (Mon-Fri)
Dinner: 5pm – 11pm (Mon-Sun)
Supper: Till 6am (Mon-Sat)

I do camwhore occasionally :D
How do you love my new hair? (:
& do you actually spot my eyelash extension?? :p

How could I say NO to the highly raved #lingerfinger baking products?!?
PS: Really love those cursvy handwriting :)

My photo really don't do justice to these Sticky Date Pudding w/Butterscotch :((
They tasted really good!!

Can't wait to try out the rest of the awesome treats from #lingerfinger.
Do check out their August treat; there is a new loaf special :)
Hoping that there is some mass meetup in the town area real soon, more convenient for me to collect :pp

Decided to do a collage (instead of individual shots) on the food Baby & I had at Sushi Express cos honestly, the food served was really below average D: There goes the saying "一分钱一分货" (pay one cent & you only get one cent's worth of goods/food).

At only $1.50++/plate, it is considered cheap!! 
Furthermore, Sushi Express is giving out One Free Plate voucher for every 10 plates purchased in celebration of National Day. But it really isn't worth the time spent on queuing at all!!!!! Thank God we got our seats within 15mins. 

A 5/10 for the food served cos of the price; definitely NOT the quality.
Our first & last! :O

Sushi Express
1 Raffles Link
#B1-23 Citylink Mall
Singapore 039393


  1. hey candice! first time commenting here...i love your food posts! thanks for sharing :)
    where did you get your black offshoulder top from?
    haha your arms are so NOT fleshy. you've amazing tone babe! your arms and your calves! :)

    1. Hello Macelynn,thanks for reading my blog. Truly appreciate :')

      If you are referring to the navy blue offshoulder top I wore to 4fingers, it was actually from long ago. Guess they are not selling it anymore :(

      Oh NOOOOO!!! I'm still FARRRR from being toned. I'm flabby everywhere. Goodness :( As or my calves (which I hate most), they are so big since young. Girls shld not hv those thunderous calves at all :(