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Hoshino Coffee // Poulet // Manna Story // LingerFinger // EatPlayLove Cafe

Visiting any cafes on a Friday night is really crazy, & that includes having dinner at Hoshino Coffee - The queue is just never ending. It extends from the inside of the cafe to the nearest escalator O.O 

Luckily, Steph knocked off early & was able to get a table for Ju & me :')

Hoshino Coffee originates from Japan and they are specialize in their hand dripped coffee  as well as their soufflé pancakes; which both we din try at all.

But...but I highly recommend below dishes that I ordered cos ALL of them are super nice okay!!!

My friend told me before during her first visit to Hoshino Coffee, most of the dishes she ordered were bad, to make it worse, the service was bad too :S So, conclusion: Choose the correct dishes (anw their menu is pretty limited).

Iced Matcha Latte

"Hoshino" Blended Tea with Lemon (by Pot)

1st MUST TRY: "Fuwa-Fuwa" (fluffy) Hoshino Souffle
It is really fluffy, I wonder how they prepared this dish!!
Yummmm-meh :D

Look at those fluffffffffy-ness.

Carbonara with Yolk & Bacon

2nd MUST TRY: French Toast (topped with sugar & cream).
Yes, that lump of white thing is whipped cream; NOT ice-cream okay!!
But this is super nice also lahs!!

3rd MUST TRY: Matcha Souffle with softee ice-cream
Matcha lovers will love this.
How can we miss anything souffle, since that is their signature?? :)

Complimentary ice-cream cos of some credit card promo.
Forget which card though, think is Citibank??

My 2 most dearest besties since Primary School.
Can't wait for the next meetup before Ju's baby boy comes to this world!!


Poulet with Shuyi sometime back. Another click-able ex-colleague whom I still remain close contact with. 

LOVE this girl; always so nice to me!! She's like my lil' sister. HAHAHA.
And she is the one whom inspired me to cut my hair short. 

SO HAPPY that she is blissfully taken care of now.
She just deserve everything :)


Manna Story is prolly my TOP FAVOURITE Korean dining place now. Personally I think the food serve is pretty decent; in terms of quantity & taste (to my liking), service is also thumbs-up & they are reasonably priced.

Do lemme know if there is any nice Korean dining place to recommend yay????
Speaking of Korean, I can't wait for Feb to spend my birthday with Baby in Korea :D 
*screammm with joyyyyy*

The complimentary sides that come along with every set ordered.

BBQ Pork set.
I would prefer their chicken anytime.

Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi Pancake)
A tad disappointed that it din taste that good that night though :( 

Stir Fried Rice Cake in special sauce with additional cheese.
WARNING: Can get a lil' "gelak" after awhile.

Not only my dinner partners for a random Thursday night,
but also my one & only #BDF X BFF


Some treats from @LingerFingerr.

#LingerFinger very highly raved Blueberry Lemon Yoghurt Loaf
Bought this for the BFF to try cos she loves anything berry.
But, we were rather disappointed by how it tasted :(
Unlike the reviews on how moist it is, the loaf was kinda dry & feels "rough".
And the taste is too sourish for our liking :(

Maybe this pic would depicts better how dry the loaf is.

#LingerFinger Banana Walnut Loaf
This loaf is much better & more moist.
Would have been better if the banana fragrant is stronger.
A cuppa milo will goes well with this loaf :)

 Another highly raved #LingerFinger Genevieve Cupcake;
A dark chocolate cupcake with whipped ear grey frosting.
To my boy's liking cos the chocolate taste is strong.

Too bad I don't have a microwave oven; else it will taste even more awesome after microwaved.
Nevertheless; this cuppies are recommend  :)


FINALLY a date with my maomao :D
It has been way too long since our last meetup. 
I MISSSSS HER SO. Always telling how much I love her hair too.

OHHHH..luckily I've got maomao to bring me to this cafe. I suggested this place but I'm damn bad at directions & using the gps (the boyf will definitely raise both his hands up & vouch for me).

Thankfully for maomao, we managed to try out this awesome cafe.

Cute backdrop with the #thetiramisuhero cat, so this background deserves some mandatory #oftd from us yay :p

Wide variety of food; ranging from Western, Italian to Thai.

Not forgetting the #toomanytochoosefrom DESSERTSSSSS as well.
Mango Sticky Rice, Waffles, Muffins, Ice-Cream, Cakes....just too many to name.
They sells Tiramisu from #thetiramisuhero too :D

Most importantly, most dishes taste yummeh and only cost below $15 O.o

The name of the cafe speaks it all; Eat Play Love Cafe.
You can EAT; your kids (or even yourself) can PLAY (there are several art&craft corners); 
isn't it oh-so-LOVE-ly???

Some shots around the cafe.

Food is served....

Tom Yum Soup (Clear) 

Lychee Yakult Freeze

Pineapple Rice

Cheese Fries.

Of cos, a dessert to end of our meal  :)
Mango Sticky Rice

The bill came up to only less than $40 for everything.
Whooop Whoooop!!

EatPlayLove Cafe
28 Aliwal Street
Singapore 199918
Tel: 6444 6400
Open 12pm to 10pm Daily, Closed on Tuesdays
Kitchen closes 3pm to 6pm, except weekends & PH

Last but not least, my #otd for the night in LB X TTR

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