Monday, 4 November 2013

Kith Cafe @Park Mall

Finally a date with the princess for her mini birthday celebration.
This time round I must choose a cafe which both of us know how to go, cos I think her sense of direction is as bad as me (unless being chauffeured around), right Jess?? HAHAHAHA :p
What to do, princess lehs. 
No reservation is allowed. Hence I reached earlier to queue for seats. The outlet outside Park Mall is relatively convenient, just opposite Plaza Singapura. One thing I like is the cafe staffs will asked for your contact & table details (no. of pax & the preferred indoor/outdoor seating) and they will contact you when seats are available; meaning you can go jalan-jalan instead of standing outside the cafe during the wait. Unless you are like the next 1-2 group in the queue, I would suggest heading to PS for your window-shopping. Park Mall basically is B-O-R-I-N-G :|

Weather was humid that day, thus I say NO to outdoor seating even though there are available tables when the queue reached me.
I wouldn't want to look sweaty/not chio when having lunch with the princess.
However be prepared that you will "smell" of the oil when you leave the cafe, as you can see the kitchen (left corner of above pic) is kinda open-concept.
Ladies, do bring along hair mist yay. Heh!!

Our Iced Honey Latte, which I find it kinda bitter to my liking.
Jess's Linguine King Prawn
The linguine is very well-cooked with the prawn & garlic. Every mouthful is just so tasty. 

My Big Breakfast with my choice of toast & eggs.
Initially I chose white toast, & the waiter was like...
Waiter: "White toast??? White toast boring lahs..any day you can get white toast lehs."
Me: Errrrr..okay. What toast do you recommend then?
Waiter: Any toast except white. You can try multigrain or sourdough.
Me: Ooookay. Multigrain!!

OH MAN...THE MULTIGRAIN BREAD IS YUMMMEH. Eat that alone or with the butter provided; both ways taste equally good. The bread is my favourite item in the big breakfast okay. Don't worry, the scrambled egg, bacon, smoked bratwurst, sautéed mushroom & grilled tomato are delicious too, just that the bread is my most most favourite. HAHAHAHA. SO ORDER MULTIGRAIN!! 

Warm Varlhona Chocolate Cake with French Vanilla Gelato to surprise Jess.
Definitely not my kind of cake. A tad too chocolatey & dry :(
Chocolate Lava Cake anytime favourite choco lava cake now.
My beautiful princess
But soooo sad she is forever taken up.
*inserts broken heart*
Nevertheless, I'm glad that my princess is blissfully loved & taken care of now.
Cos I know no matter what I still stand an irreplaceable place in her heart, right right??

Kith Cafe 
Address: 9 Penang Road, Park Mall #01-01E
Tel: 6338 8611
Opening hours: 8am to 10pm

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