Monday, 28 October 2013

The Tiramisu Hero Adventure

If you are a follower of blogger Peggy or have been a fan of  Sir Antonio's tiramisu, you probably would have know that The Tiramisu Hero has officially opened a brick & motar cafe along Jalan Besar area a month ago.
From having their signature tiramisu cupcakes/cakes in a jar distributed at various locations for sale, to opening their very first cafe selling their signature, one can imagine the "hardship" hard-work Peggy & Aileen (successful 老板娘s behind TTH) have gone through. *salute*
As usual, I decide on the venue; & my friends bring me there :D
We took a bus outside Lavender mrt & walk our way in. Frankly, issit really within walking distance from Lavender mrt which I've read from some blogs?? Our bus ride is like at least 3 stops away if I never rmb wrongly :SS Anyhow, we realised that Chye Seng Huat is just 2 mins walk away from The Tiramisu Hero. Yippppie!!
LOVE the cursvy handwritten signboard;
& the outdoor seating area.

The different flavours of their Tiramisu.
Tried their Original & Strawberry flavour previously :)

Wooden cylindrical blocks as your order number.
Check out the VERY IMPRESSIVE decorations!!!
The upside down step-ladder decorated with lighting, the kawaii hand-doodlings of masked Sir Antonio on the walls & ceilings, Sir Antonio head for photo taking etc etc....
Such a quirky and cosy cafe!!


Necklaces for sale

Jayne Mac & Cheese
Macaroni baked in cheesy cheddar & mozzarella. Recommended for sharing. 
Bangers with Mashed Potatoes
Option of mashed potato or mac & cheese, but since we alrdy ordered the Mac & Cheese, mashed potato it shall be. OHHH Boy, the mashed potato is sooooo good, I really HIGHLY RECOMMEND this option. SUPER LOVE the buttery taste of it. YUMMMMMM!!!
This dish also comes with 3 different kind of sausages, which I seriously have no idea what kind of meat they are from. I reckon they are the usual chix, porky or beef? Heh.

You wouldn't want to leave the cafe without trying these signatures.
Milo Mommahero to end off our night.
Milo will never go wrong. #iamtruemilolover
Check out those clourful fluffy pompoms that are attached to the toilet ceiling!!!
The washroom is just too pretty too be missed. 
Ohhhh, did I mention that the flooring are laid with artificial grass patch??? YAYYY to dry, clean and cute washroom.
Effort X1000000 pls...


Attempting to have the moustache on my face but fail badly  :(

Funny conversation between Kai & myself..
Me: Ah Kai, you quickly come and see the photos I took for you. All so nice :D
Kai: Of course nice. Everybody take also chio de cos cannot see face mah!!
Me: Errrr..yah hor -_-

Scored ourselves 2 pictures with the really attractive 老板娘 - Peggy.
Her complexion is so clear pls, & I really adore her funky fashion sense.
Thank You ahh, Ah Kai, for "shamelessly" asking to take pics with Peggy.
The Tiramisu Hero
121 Tyrwhitt Road (Jalan Besar)
Singapore 207548
Opening hours: 11AM-10PM
Tel: +65 62925271

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