Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Our First Photoshoot

My virgin photoshoot; 
& I gave it to my every dearest.
Heh Heh!! :pp

Have always thought of getting a outdoor photoshoot done; be it with my other half or friends. So one day, my colleague was describing to us on her outdoor shoot with her family, which cost only $98/- nett for a 90min outdoor shoot & they get to take back all raw images (incl. 50 edited ones). I was elated!!! My eyes literally brighten up!! :DDD

That's when I got to know about Firefly Photography :)

I thought $98/- is very affordable for a casual shoot?? Furthermore, the price charged is actually for up to 5 pax, meaning if your 4 friends & you intend to take up this Glow 98 Outdoor package, each pax only need to pay $19.60!!! CHEAP TRILL OKAYYYY!!! 

As it was our first outdoor photoshoot, needless to say, Sam & I felt a little awkward posing in front of the photographer. We are not professional; so we require alot of guidance. Luckily, I did some "research" on the pose we can use & the photographer manage to guide us through & make us feel comfortable.

We're grateful that it was not raining on that day of our shoot (sunny is better than rainy) but it was rather humid. We look pretty chill & cool in the pictures, don't we?? In fact we are all sweaty & sticky; esp Sam!!! He was sweating non-stop even before he wore his newly bought denim jacket -.-

To be honest, Sam & I weren't expecting much on the quality since the price is rather affordable. I mean you pay for quality results. People pay hefty price for a photoshoot done but we only pay less than a hundred bucks. Thus, our purpose is to treat this as a casual shot for keepsake purposes. Thankfully, we thought the photos turned our pretty well =) Of cos, minus our imperfect complexion, my "octopus" hair that stick out in some pics, my oh-so THUNDEROUS thighs & calves (*cries*) and some of our stiff/retarded/unnatural positions. It is our first shoot after all.

For now, I've done up collages of all the photos taken. 
Hope you Enjoy ((=

Such a memorable experience (plus "warm-up" session) for Samuel & myself. Heh!!
Phone: +65 91473301, 66946123


After the shoot, we made use of my camera to do some self-shots with the surroundings. Wanted to upload to FB, but Baby thought these photos were damn wayang -.-

So these photos only ended up appearing in my blog.

I thought this was very well-taken?? 
Thus, decided to end off this entry with the best :)
Not easy to capture this kind of shots lohs.
Photo by Yours Truly! :p