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BKK Travelogue - Day 1 & 2

Ommmmgggg, it has been almost a month since my last blog entry, I blame it on my work (really super busy for the past 2 weeks that my body is in a mess :< ) & my procrastination :/ 

Procrastinate no more, I NEED to clear off all my blog entries by this year end (only left with 2weeks+, time really zooom off that fast!!! ><). 

I've my 4D3N BKK travelogue (which I'm gonna blog now), the BFF's Birthday celebration, photo shoot with my girlfriends, dinner dates & all the Xmas gatherings to blog on!!! #ohmytian

Without further ado...BKK #sctravelogue lets go....


Travelling to BKK this year is not planned at all. We went Phuket this May & wanted to save up for our Korea trip (which I hopefully the tour will form!!! *sighzzz*). So, Tiger Airways was having fly back free promo for NTUC card members, & it really tempted me much!! Luckily the boy agreed to have a short gate-away readily :DD Imagine how elated I am; BKK is just one of my FAVOURITE country, minus the jam & the heat. It costed us only $371/- for 2 pairs of return air-tix, travelling from 6-9 Nov. Cheap Cheap okay :p

I usually book a weekend departure & a weekday return for BKK holidays. However, this time round is a weekday departure & a weekend return in order to enjoy the promo from Tiger. Unless it is a must for you to head to the weekend market (i.e. Chatuchak), do consider flying to BKK over the weekdays (it is cheaper) & save the moolahs for the shopping & yummy food!!

Our 7am flight = 5am check-in = 3am to be awake to prepare ourselves. Nope, I'm not complaining cos I just can't wait to head to the land of smiles!!!
My fav bkfast set from Mac. Used to like hotcakes w/ sausages.
 Day 1 #ootd 

Bye +65; Hello +66 in 2.5hrs time :)
I'm absolutely fine with flying budget for short haul fight.
Downloaded dramas to watch but we were so tired, we slpt through the flight.
Stay Connect with dtac (located at the basement of the airport). 
You can access Instagram, FB, Whatsapp etc...and make phone calls back home as well.
Most importantly, we can google map anytime!!!!
No more unnecessary route; & lesser taxi rides this time round. 
Got ourselves the 299 baht Smart Phone package.
We hopped onto the blue line aka Airport Rail Link (City Line) to Ratchaprarop. 
Destination: Glow Hotel
From Ratchaprarop Station, we hailed a taxi & alighted at Platinum Mall (some taxi drivers do not know the way to Glow Hotel considering it is a rather new hotel).
Some might think it is such a hassle to go through (compared to just taking a taxi straight away), but if given a choice, I would still choose this option. 
A much cheaper & faster transportation as compared to taxi.
Our accommodation for the next 2 nights.
Was very disappointed that the Deluxe Room were not available for booking as all were fully taken up; only left with Deluxe Corner room which is too big (& more expensive) for just the 2 of us :(( #notworth

Fortunately, we came to realize that Deluxe Room was only not available on our last day of stay, which happened to fall on a Saturday; hence we decided on a different accommodation just for our last day.


919 Petchburi Road, Kwang Thanon Phayathai, Rajdhevi Bangkok 10400

Nearest Station: Ratchaprarop Airport Link Station
The boy doing the check-in (located at 7th floor); while I do the photography :D
Hoping for a free upgrade to Deluxe Corner Room or early check-in to no avail.
D I S A P P O I N T E D >:(
Never mind, we shall proceed for lunch.....
At this SUPER HIGHLY HIGHLY RAVED Wanton Mee stall!!!
Soi 19 Petchuburi Road
Opening Hours: 9.00am - 4.00pm
Directions to SAEB X2
The wanton mee stall is super near Glow Hotel. I suggest asking the bell-boy (which is what I did) or concierge where is the wanton mee stall than finding your way there (if this is your first time). 
Alternative, this place is easily accessible from Platinum Mall. Locate the bridge outside Platinum Mall, cross over & turn left down. Walk straight (do not U-turn back) all the way till you see a crepe stall at the junction (on your right). Turn right from the junction & walk straight again for another 2mins. Spot the wanton mee stall on your right!! 
You can order Char Siew Wanton Mee (dry/soup) or Braised Pig Trotters + Intestines (with/without rice) from Saeb X2. My say is TRY ALL!!

90% of the customers here are foreigners; & at least 20% are Singaporeans. 

Braised Pork Trotters with Rice
Baby & I concluded the egg tasted "weird". Not the usual "SG" egg. Hah!
Wanton Mee (Dry)
I reckon the wanton (plus pork lard) is the highlight. The mee & char siew are rather meh.
This is the crepe stall which I mentioned above.
Located at the junction, beside a gold jewelry shop.
NOTE: It is a mini fruit stall in the morning. Only in the late morning, then it will be "converted" into a crepe stall. 

Our Nutella coconut crepe!!
The shredded coconut was a lil' too sweet though...

Bubble Tea is super cheap in BKK.
And we are off to Platinum Mall for a mini-shopping before heading back to Glow for our room.

Every corridor is very well-lighted. 
Like, like, like!
Let me walk you through our super awesome room!!

Everything is just so perfect, no complains at all.
Room is spacious, bed is comfy, pillow is fluffy & you can find the right amenities (cotton pad, hairdryer, bed room slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue etc etc) required.

And don't say I never warn, Air-con is VERY STRONG & it is blowing at the dressing table directly. So imagine me doing my make-up every morning with my frozen hands.

The bathroom is equally amazing.
Hmmm..amazing sounds so wrong when describing a bathroom??

This wardrobe is my FAV of all.
Connecting wardrobe from the room & bathroom!!
Definitely saves you the hassle of lugging all your clothes into the bathroom & not knowing where to hang/put (due to the limited hooks), & ultimately it just land beside the basin which might wet/crumpled your clothes.
If you are staying Glow with your friends, do ensure that either the person in the bedroom or the person in the bathroom opens the wardrobe sliding door (1 at a time). The other side has to remained closed at all times.
I'm sure you don't want to "expose" yourself or you seeing ur "naked" friend.

Spot those full sized shampoo, shower gel & hand wash (at the basin).
They smell really nice, just that the foam is too little :/

The view every morning :)
Camwhore before heading out for dinner.
392/14 Soi Siam Square 5, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10330
Opening Hours: Daily, 10.45 am – 9.30 pm
Nearest BTS: Siam Station
Walking Directions: From Siam BTS station, exit on your right side (opposite Siam Paragon). Walk straight & look out for Bangkok Bank on your left. Turn left again into Soi 5 alley. You will see Som Tam Nua on your left after walking for around 2 minutes.
Som Tam Nua serves authentic Thai Food at extremely affordable price. Check out the fish I ordered below, it cost only 100 baht (S$4) only!!!! With S$4 in SG, I think the most you get is 7-8 slices of slice fish?? O.O
Head there early & avoid peak hours. 
That is what we did & we got our table the moment we step in :D

The 100 baht (hot & spicy??) crispy fish.
I realise I always order fish dishes in Thailand. They are really super affordable & tasty okay!
Papaya Salad. 
WARNING: This dish is SPICY!

The HIGHLIGHT of all dishes shall be the Fried Chix Wings
 DIE DIE MUST ORDER! Not trying to exaggerate, but I swear I see this dish on every single table.
My only dissatisfaction is "Why serve so few pieces only!" I'm a chix-wing fan girl!! :(

Ngom ngom ngom....
After dinner, Baby & I went for a stroll around Siam Square area & I find their clothing rather overpriced >< 
Moolahs saved on Dessert instead :p

Siam Square Soi 5
(next to hotel Novotel Bangkok)
Walking Directions: Turn left when you come out of Som Tam Nua. Walk straight & Mango Tango is just across the road.

Can anyone tell me what are these cute little drawings that appear in a Mango Dessert shop?
The boyf told me these are RABBIT????? -.-

The forever bustling jammed road in BKK
Baby always ask me to do silly things infront of all the passer-bys.
The worst is I did it ><
Our last stop for Day 1.
Nearest BTS: National Stadium Station
I don't intend to head to MBK initially, if not for the hp covers I need to get for my friend.
Basically MBK has nothing much; it is like our Sim Lim Square?? Go there if you are buying local delights back or looking for covers for your electronic gadgets.
Spotted Muay Thai competition on our way to MBK.
Seriously, I really don't understand whats the thrill of getting boxed??
Just too full for these SUPER-DUPER SWEEET crepe for 10 baht only.
Spend at least 20mins in the shop & I left with only a small tub of whitening scrub.
So many reasonable priced cosmetics & skin care products; but too tired to shop =.=
-Back to my heavenly room-


Day 2 #ootd

What's for breakfast??

Original plan was to check out eating areas near Glow, but we forced ourselves to wake up too early & all the eating places are not operating yet. Thai pple have pretty good life ahh? Most shops in Platinum Mall officially operates around 11am BKK time & close around 7+pm. 

Even the wanton mee opens at 9am (which is equivalent to 10am SG time).

Saeb X2 Wanton Mee again??
Braised Pork Trotters. This time round without rice.
And we are too early for their braised intestines :(
Wanton Mee (soup)
Both equally nice. My say is go with your mood on that day to order the dry/soup version.

No time to waste after breakfast....it's 
PLATINUM MALL, lets go...
Guys, check out Shirtoria (4th floor) for reasonable priced & fashionable shirts.
Slim Fit 100% cotton shirt. 
NOTE: There are 2 Shirtoria shop units within Platinum Mall.

Finally some shopping for Baby too!

Krispy Kreme @Siam Paragon after 3hrs of shopping at Platnium.
Cheaper than SG as well.

First time krispy kre-mers
Frankly, whats so nice about the doughnuts hurrr??
Why must queue for hours????
Meh Meh Meh!! Not worth!
2194 Charoenkrung Road, Wat Prayakrai District, Bangkor Laem, 
Bangkok 10120
Opening Hours: 5.00pm - Midnight
Shuttle Boat Services: 4.00 pm - 11.15 pm; 
(departure every 15 minutes interval)
Nearest BTS: Saphan Thaksin Station 
Directions: Exit 2 to Sathorn Pier for free shuttle boat to bring you across the river to Asiatique.
Asiatique is more of a tourist attraction. Feels like Clarke Quay to me.
Can explore if you haven't been there before.

I get sea-sick easily; but thankfully the boat goes at very slow speed.

Personalized key-chains for important friends in my life.

Too hungry (we only had wanton mee & krispy kreme??) so we settled at a decent looking stall for a light dinner. Food was pretty decent :)

Heard too much of this place for dessert.
We couldn't miss this either.

Strawberry Limeade & Lemon Soda

Shibuya Honey Toast

ChocMud Brownie

Another silly thing the boy ask me to do.
I look so retarded smelling the brownie -.-

Bad crave for some meat; we got 3 sticks each.
Craving satisfied, but with a very big tummy!!
This look somewhat like the recent Julien Fournié X Love Bonito FIDé Fashion event??

-End of Day 2-

Stay tune for Day 3 & 4 soon, I promise!

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