Sunday, 19 January 2014

Merry Xmas!

From the title of my blog post, you can see that this is a way back-dated entry.
Xmas @ Canele with the Besties. 
Classic Carbonara
Salmon with Pink Sauce
Crab Meat Pasta (aglio olio style)

I lurrrveee Carrot Cake :)
Especially the one from Coffee Bean.
Oriental Love
(Irresistible vanilla soft ice cream on top of fresh home-made crepe, paired with fresh blueberries, yuzu coils, white chocolate sticks and finished off with zesty yuzu sauce)
The bestie 2 months belated birthday gift from us.
We bought Pandora charm for each other's birthday this year. Heh!
Mine is a Giraffe.
Ju's a baby cot (cos she is pregnant with a boxing day baby; yes baby boy was delivered to this world on boxing day =))
Steph's a Sakura Glass Charm (as below).

Cake Pops!!!! 
Steph's virgin attempt in preparing & they tasted really yummy! 
And our Xmas gifts exchange for each other (:
Besties for almost 2 decades. 
How times flies...
Xmas @ Platypus Kitchen with the Poly clique.

I would only recommend the risottos there. Pasta there are NO-NOOOOO; below average I would say (that's why I didn't even both remembering the name of all the pasta we ordered)!!! OHhhhh, be warned that most of the food served are truffle over-loaded :SS 

Chunky Tomato Soup VS Wild Mushroom Soup

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Truffle Fries

 Truffle Whipped Potato

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Squid Ink Risotto.
This is surprising good!!!!

The 5 sweet individuals who personally prepare lil' gifts for all!!

Every year...our xmas exchange routine will be one gift (we set a price range before-hand) per pax. And during our gathering, we will then decide how to go about doing the gift exchange. But still, some individual will still specially get little gifts for everyone :))

These are the gifts for our exchange.

Gift I got, which landed with Janet now.

TTR bucket bag :D

This year's gift exchange is slightly different from the past. Usually we will draw lots based on names - meaning if I got XX's name (except my own name), XX's gift is mine.

This year, we played "Dirty Santa". 

How this works is we drew lots based on numbering (numbering depends on the no. of pple taking part in the exchange). Each of us will pick our own number & the first person (person who got no. 1) will get to choose his/her gift from the pool of presents. He/she will then open the present & show everyone.

The second person will then have 2 options: 1) Choose from the pool of presents, open it & keep it OR 2) Choose from the pool of presents, DO NOT open the present he/she choose, but "trade" with the first person if he/she thinks the first person has a better gift than the one he/she has chosen from the pool. By choosing option 2, the second person is taking "risk" by "trading off" the gift he/she has chosen, cos who knows maybe the gift is a better one?? 

The third person has the same 2 options, but the difference is he/she gets to trade off the present with the first & second people. The game continues on until the very last person.

Morale of the game: The last person has the best option!!! Cos even though he/she only get to have the last present from the initial pool of presents, he/she gets to "grab" whoever's gifts he/she thinks is the BEST. Hence, the present that everyone got will not definitely belong to theirs until the last person chose his/hers!!!

A rather interesting way of having our gifts exchange I would say.
You guys should try it!

**Hope my explanation is not too confusing** HAHAHAAH!! :p

As you can see, jH got No. 1. See how many gifts she got?? From her initial Taboo board game to her final gift - A Towel.

Yw grabbed jH's Taboo board game & it belongs to her till the end of game.

The bff chose hers from the pool & nobody wanted to trade with hers cos of the size.
But the humidifier is expensive gift worhs!! HAHAHA

Phuay also got her initial gift.

Naa Naa, who is absent for our gathering, grabbed jH's second gift.

Lynn & the gift she chose for herself.

Me & my gift which I grabbed from jH's third gift; but got grabbed by darlin :(
Nvrmind, cos I still got myself The Face Shop sleeping mask :)

Kai & the gift she chose for herself.

Darlin, the ultimate winner, decide to grab my portable charger.

Platypus Kitchen
200 Victoria Street
#03-29/29A Bugis Junction
Tel: +65 6333 4434

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