Friday, 10 January 2014

When Colleagues turned Friends!

"Be thankful when your ex-colleagues became your close friends; especially those whom you still maintain contact with even if not in the same company" :)

I’m glad to have meet Shu Yi & Jessica during my days in Citi (:

Even though there is a tiny-winy age gap between both of them & me (=p), we clicked off rather well. We can talk on anything under the sun. 

SPR.MRKT (pronounced as Super Market) date with Shu Yi on a random Tuesday.

SPR.MRKT serves all day breakfast during dinner timing too.
How great!

Both of us ordered rose bud tea becos there is some 1-1 coffee/tea promo.
Loves the smell of rose bud & the lightness of the tea; but I thought it would look so much better if the tea will to be served  in teapot form rather than these kopitiam glass :/

Shuyi's Classic Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Not too bad, just that the bread she chose somehow feels hard.
I personally don't really like to have sandwich for lunch & dinner.
Feel so subway-ish; like very sad :((

My Grilled BBQ Pork Ribs
The ribs have quite an amount of fats which I feel a lil' jerlak after awhile.
Luckily I top-up & have my normal fries changed to truffles fries - best decision ever!!

So good they deserve some close up pictures!
I strongly recommend Truffle Fries as sides - MUST ORDER!!

The girl who inspired me to cut my hair short! Heh!!

2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043
Tel: +65 6221 2105

The two separate dinner dates with my pretty girlfriend, Jessica!
Because my gf is too chio, I've forbade her to be my bridesmaid. She will steal all the limelight away from me lohs!! :p She was kinda upset over it. HAHAHAHA!

Togi Korean Restaurant for our first date (: 
Thank You Princess for deciding the venue & making the reservation ahh.
Fret not, cos you will be an independent princess under my "training" :pp

All the 6 complimentary side dishes & avalon porridge are so tasty!

Boodaejjigae for sharing. 
This appetizing Korean stew is definitely enough for 2 to share.
Includes sausages, luncheon meat (i super love this!!), kimchi, golden mushroom, rice-cake and ramen.

S L U R P S S S S S~~

Erps, photo-bombed by a "twist twist" guy -.-

Togi Korean Restaurant
111 Somerset Road 
#02-15 TripleOne Somerset
Tel: +65 6737 7397
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm
                                        6:00pm-9:30pm Daily

Chose Dôme for our second date, as recommended by my colleague.
Didn't know Dôme serves pretty affordable food. Portion not very big though....
Shall try out their breakfast set with Sam one day!

Attention Chocolate lava cakes lovers - this dessert must not be missed!!

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