Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Birthday Wishlist

Exactly 2 weeks to my 2X birthday. If nothing goes wrong, I should be celebrating my birthday with Baby in Korea!!!! Too excited.........cos this is my first time going to Korea & hopefully be able to experience falling snow (definitely will be able to see snow since it will still be winter season, but I'm hoping to experience snow falling from the sky & it landing on me, if you get what I mean) :))) 

*Fingers crossed crossed crossed*

Our Korea tour package is giving us some headache, so really crossing fingers nothing goes wrong again...& we will be able to fly to Korea soon (to Korea safely & back safely).
Anybody waiting for me to blog on my birthday wishlist, just like last year?? :pp

Well, this year's wishlist = NO WISHLIST!!

Know me well? Know what to get for me? Know what I want most for my birthday this year?? 

I guess getting what I want this year is not as easy as last year right?
Since I'm not blogging on my wishlist.

No choice, cos I must let you all "experience" how I feel whenever I get gifts for you guys lohs!!! D:
Don't say I'm bad, some pointers on the "DO NOT BUY" for my birthdays.
- No toys (be it hard or soft)
- No handphone related items (planning to change phone when my contracts end this June)
- No reading items
- No whatever lotions for any body parts/face

That's what I can think of currently, will add on once I think of any :) In short, don't waste money on stuffs which you feel I won't use more than twice in my entire life. Heh...
Anyhow, due to the hectic lifestyle of everybody, I feel that being able to sit together for a meal is sufficient for me :) Bring me to nice places for a meal pls....
I love cheap & yummy food :DD

HINT: Observe what I really like to wear (i.e. chanel/pandora accessories, clothing - reward me with my fav BS credits so I can utilise it off my next purchase?? etc..), what I want (would hv mention it before), some winter related clothing/accessories/footwear OR maybe consider checking with Sam, I would most prolly tell him what I want (e.g. the XX brand small casual cross-body bag, the XX brand watch etcccc), provided that he remembers every single them :D

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