Friday, 14 February 2014

The Magical Moment


A day when I experienced an extremely Magical Christmas in my entire life <3

It all started from a group whatsapp conversation with darling & Agnes a month before Xmas (the period when I was SUPERRR stressed at work, that I don’t feel like doing anything but just sleep, sleep & sleep whenever I’m not at work).

**BE WARNED: Superrrr wordy entry ahead!!**

The Group Conversation
Darlin: What are you girls doing on 25th Dec??
Agnes: Ermsss…no plans yet?? I have no friends -.-
Me: Should be nua-ing at Sam’s hse since we need to work the next day (26th). [Btw that’s what Sam & I do every Sunday. We will laze at his house & be super blueeee. HAHAHA!]
Darlin: Ohh..Nic got a complimentary 3D2N (24-26 Dec) stay at Studio M from his company. You girls want to come on 25th?? Nic has som
ething on on 25th, so he can’t stay overnight. We can have go for a swim first and have a good Christmas dinner after that. I will ask Jia Hui also if you girls can make it. Don’t waste a day of the room.
Agnes: I’m okay!! ^^
Me: Huhhh..don’t want lahs. 3 of you go ahead. Very tired & stress recently. So I want to rest at home.
Darlin: :(((((( You bear to leave me alone??
Me: No lahs, got Agnes mahs. Can call Jia Hui also. Heeeee!
Darlin: But you my darlin. Darlin never go, ask Darlin’s mum go for what. [Okay..we have a complicated “relationship”. HAHAHA. Jia Hui is my mum] Everybody go more fun mahs.
Agnes: [At this point of time want to 害 me] I’ll go if SK go……
Me: Grrrrrrrrr.. -.-|||||
Me: But I’ve a Christmas gathering at Sam’s cousin’ hse on 24th. Dunno end what time. If I go Studio M, will probably reach late afternoon.
Agnes: I also have Christmas party on the 24th.. [Me thinking: Thought you have no friends??]
Me: *Very reluctantly* Okkkkaaay lahs, I go lohs. But I say first…I don’t want swim ah. Since I also dunno how to swim. I want to nua on the all can go swim/tan, I sleeeeeeep. I lack of sleep. I need to sleep. [That is how tired & stress I’m during the period. All I want is my sleep]
Darlin: Yay!!! I will ask Jia Hui :) Agnes you can check out dinner places. We all dress nicely & have a good Christmas dinner.
Agnes: OKAY!!
Me: Don’t need too good lahs. Simple dinner can le, as long as food is nice. Dress casual & comfortably. Agnes, I will help you check out nice cafes when I’m free. I want to nua on the bed, dress prettily no use.
Me: Ohhhh..By the way I’m not staying for the night. Cos need to go back work on 26th. Don’t plan to take leave cos I wanna save the leave for my Korea trip.


After the conversation, I told Sam about my Christmas gathering with the girls. Honestly I was feeling a little sianzzzzz cos I know I cannot rest fully on Christmas Day, which was what I planned to :( I mean I cannot be so moody when I’m meeting my friends right? 

But still, inside my heart I agreed to join the girls becos of Darlin. No other reason, but her. I don’t want to dampen her mood, the fact that she could jolly well ask her other group of friends (out of her many many friends) for that 1 night of staycation instead of just 3 of us.

YAAAHH, you are right! This is how they managed to convince me to Studio M, where the proposal will take place.

Venue settled √ √ √ 

So, one night, Sam & I were having our usual night chats over the phone.

Sam: brother say he can send you home after our gathering on 24th
Me: HUrrr?? Why your bro so random, suddenly tell you that?? You asked him?
Sam: Yahhh…
Me: Hmmm..never mind lahs. We see how on 24th again. If too late, I stay at your house lohs. After that still can take NEL to Clarke Quay to meet Jia Hui, then to Studio M. Don’t trouble your bro lahs. So farrrrrrrr & he will be tired also. Pai seh lehs……
Sam: Should be okay lahs. Anyway you go home also better also, cos nearer to go to Studio M from your house. You don’t need wake up so early mahsss..
Me: True! Never mind lahs, we see how!

I’m feeling a little little little suspicious at that point of time. But a proposal never comes across my mind.

*Fast Forward to end of Christmas Gathering at Sam’s cousin’ hse on Christmas Eve*

It was around 12+am when we left. Everyone was tired, especially when we were working ¾ of the day.

Me whispering to Sam: B…actually I okay to stay your house lahs. So late le, don’t trouble your bro.
Sam’s bro to Sam: So we sent Candice home first?
Sam: Yah lo, send her home.
Me: [Thinking in my heart] Hmmmm…Why B so “eager” to send me home?? Never mind lahs, go home also better. Tml no need to wake up so early, since Studio M not very far from my hse.

Successfully send me home settled √ √ √  

If I insist on staying at Sam’s hse, he would not be able to prepare for the proposal the very next day. At that moment, I was even more suspicious if Sam is going to "surprise" me on Xmas day. So after I reached home, I washed up & did mask. Yes, at I did mask at 1+am!!! HAHAHAAHA!!! #thevainme

The Magical Day
I must have be very tired cos B was the first to whastapp me first when he woke up. [Was thinking why he wakes up so early?? He also has nothing on Xmas day, so early wake up? Nvm, maybe he doesn’t want to waste the day].

Me: What you planning to do later??
Sam: Hmmm…nothing much lohs. Just relax.
Me: Sorry can’t accompany you on Xmas.
Sam: Hahaha, nvm lahs. You go enjoy. I go bathe now.
Me: Okay, I also go get myself prepared.

Just my 6th sense again, I was suspecting if Sam is planning a proposal this Xmas in my heart. On the other hand, thinking the proposal can’t be this year.

In order not to look too sloppy (just in case the proposal really takes place. HAHAHA!!), I decided to dress myself in a white dress. White dress = White Xmas also?? Was telling the girls & Sam that I just feel like dressing up suddenly. See people purposely dress up for Xmas, I need to be pretty too right?? :D 

[45mins later]
Me: B, what you doing? I’m done. Waiting to leave house & meet Jia Hui at Clarke Quay.
Sam: I think I go do some housework, so weekends don’t need do.
Me: Hurrrr?? But thought you just bathe??? -.-
Sam: Hahhh…never mind lahs. Just do lohs. Weekends do very sianz…
Me: Errrrrrrr okkkkayy? [SO FISHY!!]

I shamelessly text my girlfriends how prettily I'm dressed and looking like a fairy. OMGGGGG... 真丢脸!! :pp

Met Jia Hui & make way to Studio M. When we reached, I was finding the entrance to the hotel lobby. Somehow I walked a big round, & saw Sam’s Godma standing in one corner of the lobby, beside some pots of plants.

At that very moment, I thought, “My eyes must be blurring due to my contacts. I must have seen wrongly?? How can Sam’s Godma be here?? So coincidence?? She wouldn’t have booked a staycation at Studio M de lahs!! Cannot be!!” On the other hand I also thought, “Omggggg, is there really gonna be a proposal happening up in the room?? OMGGGGGG *screams*”.

If you are wondering if I approach Sam’s Godma..NOPE, I didn’t :) She must be trying her best to hide…so don’t expose her lahs. HAHAHAH!! I’m so thoughtful right, “play” along with all the casts of the proposal.

Went up to our room level, & this is the moment when all the magical moment starts… :’)

PS: If you have read till here, I sincerely THANK YOU for being so patient. I shall not bore you further with my poor English vocabulary/grammar. Without further ado, let me share with you all my joy on that special day :D 

On our way to the room, Darlin acted "weirdly" by asking me to take out my camera to take some snapshots of 3 of us & send Agnes (who supposedly will be late in meeting us).
Why weird?? 
Cos I'm usually the one who initiate a picture together; seldom the rest, esp Darlin!!!
And why of all places, take a picture at the corridor?? Cannot take inside the room meh?? SOoo gan jiong?? -.-

Snapshots which was taken before my arrival.

Darlin slowly & very carefully opened the door, & there I saw Agnes already in the room, with a camera on her hands.
Beside that, I also saw balloons & a laptop with the above screen.

To be honest, I was still figuring out if I am supposed to celebrate some surprise birthday celebration or what-so-ever. I think my brain somehow got stuck from that very moment onward!!

Cos how could I not know that is in fact Sam's lappy!!!!!!


My brain stopped functioning and my arms/legs were shivering a little as well.
My teeth were jittery..

Part I of the proposal: Enjoy the video Sam prepared for me :)
I was being ushered to my seat & was supposed to just sit back & enjoy the video.
I was so stiffed while watching the video Sam prepared for me.
My back didn't even touch the seat rest!!!
I started talking bizarrely as well.
Sam's proposal "crew" on the 2nd level, preparing themselves.
Heh :)

Part II of the proposal: The message board slowly coming down from the 2nd floor  :)
Chorus from my favourite Christmas song.

Part III of the proposal: Question of the Day (*v*)
Such sweeeet colour chosen for the banner. 
The printing was superb awesome!!

Here comes the man of my life, walking down the "stage", feeling very shy cos of all the attention surrounding him.

Me grinning like there is no tomorrow....
You can see my mouth stretch from one end of my face to another; & my eyes as straight as a ruler. Goshhhh...#imagespoil
Nobody knows, but my heart is actually thumbing as fast as the F1 cars!!!

Just look at that eager face of mine!!!
I need to hide O: 
I must be thinking "Baby, can you HURRRRRY open the box, take out the bling bling, pop the most important & wear the bling on my ring finger!!! HURRRRY UP!!"

#samuelcandice comic strip



Okayyyys; I know I wore the ring on the wrong right ring finger :(
I told you I was too nervous already :<
I just stick out my commonly used right hand quickly for Sam to wear the ring for me.




Candid shot of us discussing on my ring size.

Me: Why the ring so loooooose on me de??
Sam: Why so looose huh?? We tested rings at accessories shop what!! 明明 your ring finger is same size as my little finger mahs. You slim down so much??
Me: Dunno lehs. But no lahs, my ringer finger is slightly smaller than your little finger.
Sam (feeling a lil' upset the ring doesnt fit me well): Nvm lohs, the ring can be resize free.

Of cos we must make full use of the perfect backdrop!!
More photos time...

The 3 most important friends in my life.
Always feeling thankful that these 3 precious angels appear in my life more than a decade ago!

"Frienship isn't one big thing; it's a million little things"

Sam's brotherssssssss!

Muched-loved Godparents;
& the cute little rascal whom I forever find it tough to take a photo with.

Check out the little mushroom head.
The head must be too heavy that he need to it on the wine bottle.

Before I sign off from my lengthy entry, I would like to specially (& sincerely) express thanks to several people which I didn’t manage to on that day. I guess even till date (nearing 2 months from proposal), everything still feel very surreal.

Yuanru, Agnes & Jia Hui
Thank you for squeezing some time out of your super super busy schedule & be part of my special moment. Luckily the proposal was not postponed (becos of your busy schedule -.-)!!! Thank you making sure everything runs smoothly & making sure I’ll be properly dressed that day. Thank you for knowing me well & giving some valuable advice (i.e. NO to double proposal :X) to Sam for the proposal as well. Not forgetting how you girls tried to “lure” me to Studio M” and the non-stop photo-taking (which I can now look back). I LURVEEE YOU GIRLS THE MOST!!

Sam’s Family Crew

GodParents: For trying your best to “hide” at the lobby area taking care of Lil’ Ed.
Uncle Rayson: For helping Sam with the proposal banner (love this the most!!) & cardboard. They were too beautifully done.
Lewis/Kailee/Eric/Michelle/Ben/Astley: For the videos + photos (very important task. Love this as well!!), slowly “dropping” down the “chorus” cardboard, blowing bubbles to create the romantic effect, holding onto the proposal banner & the poppers + background cheers.


For me, a proposal is definitely a 100% must have :p Be it a simple proposal (just YOU & ME) or one which involves your close friends/family; that feeling when you feel your boyfriend puts in all the effort & propose to you, making you his one & only special one, will certainly be very unforgettable & magical.

Of cos, how could I not thank my ever sweetest & most loving boyfriend right?? :D


Knowing how you dislike being the centre of attraction, this proposal planning must not be easy for you; especially with my occasional reminders that a proposal to me is a must have (with some close friends/family involved). I was pretty dumbfounded (but super overjoyed deep down my heart) that your original plan is to have the proposal last Christmas.

To be honest, IT WAS NEVER WHAT I EXPECT!! :'))

From how you told a white lie that you are meeting your friend (when actually you went to check out the proposal ring) to how you approached my friends & your family for assistance in the proposal, how you hided the flower bouquet in your bro’s room, the ring in your parents’ room and planning how the proposal is going to be…these small but very significant and momentous efforts just make my heart meltsssssss :'))))

To date, I’m still feeling very regretful that I did not loudly say “YES I DO” when you popped the question to me. I foolishly (& jokingly) said NO?? (which makes people think that you have been rejected or I’m being “forced” to wear the ring under pressure) & just stick my wrong right hand out for you to wear the ring on me!!! WHYYYYYYY!!!!! :(((((( But pardon me for my imprudent acts as I was just too tense, shy and “high”, all at the same time. The mixture of emotions must have caused my very very unwise reaction!! :(

*Shrugs* Upset stuffs aside…

Baby, thank you for appearing in my life 4 years ago. The tender loving care you have showered me these 3yrs+ is indescribable. Of cos, not forgetting the quarrels, arguments and other unhappy events we had before. Right now, all I’m looking forward is to planning our wedding (hopefully we can have an unforgettable & eventful one), welcoming our new nest (renovate till sweeee sweee) & starting a cosy family together with you. Let’s walk together hands-in-hands & overcome any hitches (I foresee a lot of obstacles with our wedding/renovation due to my conservative family :/) together yay?? :)

Lastly (& the most significant), I want to thank you for doing up the proposal video montage & successfully creating a magical event in my (our) life!! I really appreciate everything you prepare specially for me. *smoochiessss*


With Love, 

Meanwhile, some videos exclusively for my blog readers only :D
PS: Pardon the poor quality, somehow blogspot doesn't allow me to upload those videos in bigger file size :(

Proposal video montage from Sam to me :')

And the proposal highlights (4 parts) on that day. 
Whyyyy my voice so manly. I SUPER HATE IT :((((

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