Friday, 14 March 2014

Woes of Wedding Preparation

I tell myself I must diarise down my wedding preparation progress, so that I can look back in future, reading how much “hardship” I’ve gone through, which is how I’m feeling right now!! :((
Is wedding preparation really that fun??? I totally can’t relate at this point of time.
Now I totally understand why wedding doesn't only involve a couple; but two families O:
Wedding Band
Sam & I have settled our wedding band 3 months ago. Currently pending collection of the band in April. Hopefully our fingers don't shrink or fatten up (cos if I remember correctly, we are unable to resize our wedding band due to the design & cutting of it). Fingers crossed XXX

Wedding Date
This one is one major H.E.A.D.A.C.H.E!!!!!! Especially when you come from a very traditional family.

Sam & I are expecting our BTO house to be ready by end’2014 or early 2015 (at the rate it is progressing now –painting). Thus, we are required to submit our ROM cert within 3 months (or at least provide some form of evidence that we are preparing to get married) after the key collection.
As our new bed for 安床 will be in our new house, we are planning to renovate our house concurrently with our wedding planning.
Yes, in case you are wondering. Our wedding date will be given by a fengshui master (we got no choice as my family is rather “bang tan”. Sam is a Christian; while I’m a Buddhist/Taoist, whatever it is). And in order to make everyone (basically my family members) pleased, we just have to go with this choice.
There was too much unhappiness involved just by selecting an auspicious date myself, so much so that I surrender in choosing our own dates from online 通书. Whichever dates the Master pick, they will believe and feel is super auspicious!
But the 通书 for 2015 is not out yet!! :(( It should only be available in May/June 2015.
*Double Sighhhhzzz*
Hence, it is only when we have our wedding date, we can then proceed in the venue booking.
Fingers/Toes Double, Triple Crossed tightly again that:-
  • There will be available dates for us cos based on the online 通书 I’ve checked, there are not many dates available for Sam & I due to too many constraints (i.e. zodiac of Sam, I & our parents, grandparents anniversary, hungry ghost festival & some lunar dates thingy…the list just goes on….)
  • Weekend dates before June 2015 will be given. I really don’t want to see my bridesmaids, Sam’s brothers or anybody to take leave for our wedding. Also, as we are planning for wedding lunch, I don’t think a weekday will be suitable.
  • Desired venues will still be available then
Praying very very hard!!!! *Huffff*

Bridal Studio
Will be on a hunt of bridal studios starting next week. Honestly, I’ve no idea what to ask for (i.e. how much is the average package? How many photos given are considered sufficient? Which type of gown I suit/looking for? And the list goes on & on & never ending……….).

But I know one thing I’m thankful of is that I’ve got Jessica to accompany me throughout the bridal studio & gown selection. Love love you very muchhhhie <3 <3

“Is wedding preparation really a joy?? Maybe?? But sadly I’ve yet to feel it :( ”

Ohhh, brides-to-be or ex-brides-to-be….I would really appreciate if you girls can recommend me any recommended wedding services that you have experience; be it bridal studios, MUA, indoor/outdoor photographer, videographer, hotel venues (banquet), outdoor venues (solemnisation cum wedding lunch) , wedding heel (3” max) shops, etc etc……I really need some help man :SSSSS

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