Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fourth Valentine's

I know I'm forever blogging back-dated events; Shruggss! :O
But it is becos editing of photos & composing these entries need TIME!!!
Decided to skip the CNY entry since it was even way more back-dated & I wanted to keep my family members in low profile (from my blog) as well.

4th Valentine's - 14.02.14
No surprises; no flower bouquets.

This year (and all the Valentine's going forward), I requested Sam not to buy me any flowers; I find it redundant to get "chopped" by those exorbitant prices the florist priced their bouquets, just cos it is Valentine's!!!

The "WOW" effect when you received the bouquet only last for like 10mins?? You probably took several photos of the bouquet, post it on FB, instgram, whatever social medium....& that bouquet will be chucked aside on the table?? A few days later, the flower wilted. There goes the more than $80++ spent.......which could have be spend on a gift instead right?? 

But Baby...I don't mind any flower bouquet on our special occasions! :p

Valentine's is always spend at TCC for Sam & me. Why so?
As a TCC member, I get 50% off my first visit and 30% off my second in my birthday month, which is February! Yay, so the "cheapskate" me always suggest TCC for our Valentine's to enjoy our 50% (rather than get "chopped" by dining places again).

 Spicy-hot Wings

 Mozza Stick

 Mentaiko Spaghetti w/ Salmon Tataki

 My yearly affair with my all-time favourite Seafood Aglio Olio.

 My (Baby Kimchi) Valentine's message to Sam (Baby Ginseng).
We were too hyped up with our Korea trip..
Speaking which, #imisskoreaterribly :(

 Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Classic Cheese.
Sam's comment: Taste better that they look :') Not too cheesy; just that right size & taste!

 Not forgetting our hand-written cards for each other 

Manage to find an appropriate backdrop for our Valentine's #ootd :D

A new add on to #samuelcandice couple collection; for our Valentine's & my birthday.
Was lusting over these classic watches ever since. So glad I finally own one ((:
Thank You Baby Ginseng Love!!

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