Sunday, 15 April 2012


the boy just finish watching the vid on something related to end of the world, 2012.

from what he watch, it seems that the vid mention that end of the world is caused by a 10th planet which is called the Nibiru. it is goin to pass by the Earth and the Sun on 21 Dec...& this passing-by will caused alot of natural disasters such as bad weather, earthquakes, mega tsunamis, volcanoes erupt etc occur and eventually the earth will stop rotating. It will then start to pole-shift itself where it tilts to the other side.

Dec 21st is the 3600th years after it last passed by. Scientists confirmed there is this Nibiru planet and when it pass will be very close...causing stars and other debris to move away from it...& hitting other planets like the Earth!!

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) seems to knows everything...& they are planning something to save themselves...cos they know they cant save everybody.

it seems that 2/3 of the population will perish!! issit really true?? will it really happen?? is the scenes from the movie 2012 or the day after tomorrow really gonna come true?? it is now getting scaryyyy....:S

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