Sunday, 15 April 2012

The SUNNY Affair

since young, I'm always I should say yellow skin tone! & all along I hope to have those healthy golden tan. but I just can't achieve that kind of tan. all I get is itchiness (it always happen after I get tan), redness, peeling then back to my yellow skin -.-

on the other hand, my boy is to the tanner tone when I first know him. it is only due to the crazy school that he seldom have the luxury to do outdoor sports (every weekend is almost burnt with the nv ending assignment deadlinesssss) then he become fairer. so after the "break-up" with stupid sch, he has been going swimming whenever the sun is good. but poor me just stay at his hse surfing net since I dunno how to swim :| 

it's only before at the start of 2012, that i started to go tanning. he swim, i tan lohs....if i want can also "play" with water or the boy can teach mi swimming or what :) ever since then, it has been a weekly affair with the pool when the weather is good. so far, i'm LOVING my healthy tan, which gives me the false illusion that I look slimmer. this self denial makes mi wan get tan even more cos it is definitely less strenuous compared to working out :x

so far, this is my tan-nest tan..of cos with the help of Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil Spray SPF 4, which the boy insists that only this one can achieve the golden tan :DD

OTD for our date on Sat :)

Megagamie Tee Time Top - White | Agneselle Downtown Cut Off Shorts

Damage from H&M

Suede black wedge

crazily priced Taro Fresh Milk from Share Tea. $5.40 for the small cup. O.O" you can taste the bits of yam though...taste not bad, but TOO EX le lahs >:|

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