Sunday, 25 November 2012

BKK Day 3 & 4

Baby named my blog as the outdated blog..cos all my blog entries are very outdated :( almost a month that I returned frm my BKK holiday & I'm now blogging my day 3 & 4 ><  #terrible

Sawadeka Day 3

Off to Platinum Mall again...

Platinum FC for early lunch..

baby walked to-fro the whole stretch of food stalls,
& nth was to his liking that he wanted to try :/
so he decided to try KFC, but some "F-up" customers from the queue
just pissed him big time!! 
that he ordered a plate of 难吃 fatty braised pork knuckles rice >:( 

my roast pork & red meat rice.
cannot compare to SG's 叉烧烧肉饭 at all.

Kept on seeing Black Canyon at/arnd Platinum area, so baby decided to give it a try as he needed some caffeine to last him through the day & also to rest our tire legs. but honestly, the coffee was nothing special :| perhaps we ordered the wrong beverage??? still prefer my Mr. Shake bubble tea.

 my mocha..which was rather bitter.
comes with coffee flavoured ice-cream.

 baby's cappuccino w/biscuits 

SHOPP..SHOPPPP...SHOPPPPPPP......realise i din take much photos of those shops I patronise & the loots that I bought >< well~~~there's always a next when I visit BKK again :)

Off we go to MBK... 

nothing much from MBK this time round, except a sling-bag for myself & a handbag for baby's mum from Naraya. Used to get my local delights, hp covers & bras here. but since my local delights were settled from Chinatown & I've several unworn new bras...all this can be skipped. DO NOT skip Naraya though cos they are really affordable & good as souvenirs. 

 10 baht each if I nv rmb wrongly.
pretty yummy but the vanilla cream is too sweeet for my liking.
they hv strawberry & banana flavoured cream too.
shall try non-cream ones nxt time.

next up is Dinner at Fuji Japanese Restaurant @MBK, Top Level.
before you dieeeeeeee :p 
everything we ordered below cost us only S$50+. 
& the main point is it is our BEST MEAL in BKK. 

sashimi platter which is so fresh & thickly sliced.

 Baby's Teriyaki Beef set. 
Beef is lil' tough but still chewable..

i can eat 5 bowls of this, i swear.

 my Pork Sukiyaki..
pretty good :)

Sawadeka Day 4

so fast last day liao :'(
快乐的时光总是很快过 :'((

 Bkfast @Mac near Platinum Mall.
YES, my 3rd visit to PM, 
out of my 4 days BKK holiday!!!

i think is was not too bad.
standard somewhat similar to SG :)
no choice when the hotel you are staying serves horrible food to be consumed.

my favourite bubble tea <3

soooo cheap!!
more than half the price of SG lohz...

 some weird shop name in PM -.-

& is this the must-try waffle everybody was recommending???
sadly, it tasted horrible in our opinion :(
not to out liking as it tasted like some harden bread/donut.

decided to head back to our hotel 1 hr earlier than scheduled to pack our last min shopping into our luggages, & hopefully for a foot massage if our time permits. 

however, we are soooo damn SWAYYYYY that we boarded a taxi who drove us to Nana station, which is like so damn far away from our hotel. SO DAMN PISSED BUT TERRIFIED that we will miss our flight cos the route to Nana was jammed throughout >:( 

there was some language barriers between the taxi-driver & us cos I think he dunno even the basic English. so the thing is we keep double tripe checking with the taxi driver if he knows the way & if he is on the right track, & he kept answering he knows where we were heading to. BUT the problem is our hotel is only a 15 mins drive from Platinum Mall with NO JAM AT ALL, but this bloody taxi-driver took 30 mins with all the jammmmmm!!! & worse still to another ulu area. Arrrgghhh~~

FUMING!!!! 火大!!!!!!!!!

cos we can't pack our luggage in peace, & I can't enjoy my last massage session.
THANK GOD we left Platinum 1 hr earlier than what we planned for.......& met another taxi-driver aka our 贵人, whom willingly "speed" a little to drive us back to hotel to collect our luggages & head to airport.  if not we will definitely missed our flight. all thanks to that taxi-driver, whom I din even bother to pay (since he also nv demand for it) cos he nv planned to bring us back to our destination at all. Grrrrr.....

YES, we tipped our "贵人" cos we are really thankful for his help. 

FINALLY arrive Suvarnabhumi International Airport safely. phewwwww~~

 went back SG with twice the luggages we went to BKK with.

both our checked-in luggages only add up to 19kg O.o
when in fact we bought 20kg of checked-in EACH ._.

Dinner after we checked in our luggage, at some random restaurant..

Goodbye BKK, i promise we will be back REAL SOON :)
last but not bimbotic furry slippers for office.

in fact, we aren't crazy shopaholic, right??


  1. Was searching on the food to eat in Bangkok. Not sure if your still rmb, how much was the food in Fuji (MBK)?

    1. Hi FoodieFC,

      I kinda forgot what price I paid for the food at Fuji..I think is around $50++ for the amount of food we ordered as per my blog. Overall, the food quality & quantity VS the price we paid for is really highly recommended :) Don't miss it!! :D