Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Cousin's Wedding

FINALLY after 11 looooong years of 爱情长跑...my cousin got married on 9 Dec!! So coincidentally this day is also her dad's birthday & my late grandmother's birthday (if only she is still around). 

Reached her hse super early to prepare ourselves & get ready for the gate-crashing. As her wedding is a lunch banquet, it was kinda rush to-&-fro. From the gate-crashing, to the prayers to the buddhas..then off we go to the groom's hse.

while the couple is at the groom's place for tea-ceremony, I'm already on my way to the hotel to prepare the necessities for the tea-ceremony (this time is my cousin's side) & for receptionist area. that is how rush it is for a wedding lunch :|

Love the big ballroom of Ritz-Carlton & recept area for guests to mingle & enjoy their cocktail. BUT the food served was a total disappointment, in terms of quantity & quality. Food distributed to individual plates were not consistent; servers were not attentive as well. in my opinion, ang baos given is due to the banquet held at a 6-star hotel, nothing else. Well, at least the ambience is good.

Shall let some of the pics do the rest of the story...

hmmm..i wonder who is the bride -.-
cousin's sister doing some last min nail polishing..

<3 how the curtain & their photo frame matches :)

the promises, which is done by yours truly :p

the traditional food VS the gate-crash food..

the bridesmaids' flower bouquet,
which my cousin specially arranged for all 6 of us.
<3 the glitter on the rose :)

my chiiioo cousin.
her gown is full of blings, so chio!!

sister/cousin for life ♥

gate-crashing starts..

wedding suit!!
so in LOVE with the bathtub..
you can risk by bathing naked, hoping no1 uses the binoculars :p

cute ladybird w/wedding bands.
gold is more value-worth; but i still prefer silver :x


DAY #oftd


the very big ballroom;
with 40+ tables O.o

the VIP tables are really huge..

normal tables..


*pls ignore my face*
but i <3 how my cousin arranges all the bridesmaid & brothers
to walk on the red carpet too :)

May they have an everlasting, blissful & loging marriage

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