Saturday, 29 December 2012

X'MAS Gathering with Baby's Brother & Cousins

X'mas party over at Kor's hse on Christmas Eve. THANKS to the lovely couple for the food, logcake & red wine provided. THANKS to Baby's godparents for the 爱心面包 & champagne. A simple & heart-warming x'mas eve spent :')

& this is the self-self-proclaimed $1,800/- art piece by the 女主人 ._.
quite a cute art piece, don't you agree??

<3 how these lil' black photo frames add some life to the white wall

the sweeeet & loving hosts

bought cookies for sid for them to try;
glad they all love it :D

the little rascal.
on a side note, i love kor's spacious living room.
though their hse is a 5-rm flat, it actually looks like a condo;
hopefully my future love nest will look like this....

pretty mummy & handsome son

our #oftd

hehehehee :p

x'mas present for baby <3

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