Tuesday, 1 January 2013

HELLO 2013!!

"Bid farewell to the negative & old. 
Embrace the positive & dear memories you hold. 
Wishing all of you a very HAPPY 2013 <3" 

May the upcoming year be a smooth one & filled with happiness for everyone :) As for myself, I just wish for 4 words:  心想事成. Just 4 characters, & they mean everything. Thanks to darlin who taught me so....

some happenings in 2012 which I can remember off-hand: 

1. Feb: Ah Ma left us, shortly after CNY.
2. FebI left my previous job of 4.6years.
3. MarBaby & I signed our OTP with HDB..a huge progress to our love life!
4. Mar:I joined a new company (my 3rd & current job
5. Apr:  Started my blog..
6. Aug: First sponsored review
7. Sep: Baby & my 2yrs anniversary
8. OctBaby & my 2nd trip together to BKK
9. Nov: Baby & my 2nd staycation at MBS
10. Dec: Signed up 2yrs gym membership with True Fitness

so after much procrastination, we finally decided to work extremely hard this 2yrs to shed off all our excess kilos gained during our 2yrs+ of relationship.

Year 2013: New Year; New Goal
we are determined to shed off the extras 4-5kgs gained to reach our ideal weight, to welcome the "brand new" US. We have been going for gym & classes diligently when our time allows.

Our first spinning class & I swear we din come out of the room with smile. We nearly died :| 

My first Vinyasa Yoga class & man, im SURPRISED. cos i literally sweat it out & the after effect is having aching arms. BUT I ♥ ♥ IT :D Definitely going for more yoga classes & hoping that it can help in my posture & finding some inner peace within myself.

We did a body analysis with the machine at true on 22/12/12. Shall measure it every month to see if we have improve :) Baby's analysis seems pretty normal & expected. But mine seems abnormal...cos I need to +1.2kg fat mass??? O.o NOOOOO WAYYY MAN!!!

My target:-
Weight: 48.2kg
Muscle Mass: 25kg
Body Fat Mass: 8-10kg
BMI: 18



last workout of 2012

My 2013 Resolution (as of 01.01.13)
1. Hit the gym at least 2-3 times a week; yoga + cardio
2. Save another $10k by end of 2013
3. Lose 3kgs by end of 2013
4. Head to another country for Countdown
5. To learn a something new..be it a foreign language or sports
6. Make more friends & meet up with existing friends more

our #oftd earlier..

our matching very comfy boxers :p



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