Sunday, 6 January 2013

2013 Week 1

found my favourite HK egglet in SG.
owner is clever to bring this in....
maybe i shld bring the cold green noodles in man :p

 i simply <3 the cheese flavour!!!
tried the chocolate flavour too & it tasted not bad.
crispy on the outside..but a lil ex imo :| 

our first pump class in 2013
i <3 body pump class - TONING;

not forgetting Amanda's yoga class.
this is how much i sweat for her beginners yoga class.
the sweat is just continuous & dripping
a guy commented after the 30mins warm-up that this is simply not yoga;
this is 2.4km run!!! HAHAHAHA

 how i wish for slender calves so that I can wear pantkins;
i tot i nv suit pantkins till i tried my 1st pair from HH.
i was sold!!
definitely more pantkins to own in my waredrobe...

& this pair of Dollhouse Sandal Wedges is major ♥
no doubt it is more than 4" high..the wedge is so comfy to walk in.
going to join BO for the black one if HH is going to open it.

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