Friday, 19 April 2013

jH a.k.a 蔡琳杨's Unforgettable Birthday Concert

Celebrating my DIVA frd's birthday 2 friday back. Why comes with a story behind. She always says, she has the good vocal of 杨丞琳 & the hourly figure of 蔡依林 - that explains her new name, 蔡琳杨. HAHAHAHAHA :PPP But I couldn't agree more that she sings well...basically just throw her any songs...& she can immerse herself into the song *salute*

Really love hanging out with Jia Hui. She has this "talent" which I secretly admire...she is very knowledgeable in a lot of things..from singing to travelling, Korean language etc etc..She always portray this confident level which I wish I could have it myself. Most importantly, she is so FUN to be with. With her around, there is always laughter. HAHAHAHHAA :DDD

So, we started our celebration with dinner at Seoul Yummy cos  the birthday girl loves anything Korean. My first time to Seoul Yummy & it was rather disappointing :( Doesn't have the very Korean feel & taste. 

She is holding to her own concert tix which Agnes prepare for her.
we are all her that is actually our "entry ticket" to her concert.
LOL :p

now you know what I mean when I tell you she is like a 

2 lava mini cakes + 8 macarons
i'm missing the macarons!!!
yum yum :)

her ENDLESSSS modelling poses!!
& i mean it when I say ENDLESSSSSS.....

the Birthday girl, jH a.k.a 蔡琳杨

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