Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tom Yum Kungfu

I guess this need no introduction. Many bloggers have been blogging on Tom Yum Kungfu & Mookata & raving how good they are. In fact Baby & I once tried Mookata @East Coast Rd, & we thought it was rather MEH!! Food take very long to get cooked cos they are using charcoal D: We told ourselves that was our first & last :|

But after seeing so many reviews from bloggers & also the bff wanted to have this for our next meet-up, so here we are at Tom Yum Kungfu. We were lucky enough to get our table reserved a day before, cos they are usually fully packed, even on weekdays. 

Note: If I'm not wrong, they don't take reservation on the day itself. Thus, make your reservation early k!

 There is indoor (air-conditioned) & outdoor (warning: HOT!!) seats.

 we chose the BEST DEAL set. 

 spam some photos before looking unglam 
due to the insane oiliness & stickiness from bbq-ing


 Erms, I think this is Thai Ice Milk Tea??
Or issit Lemon Tea?? :/

 The portion which I think is just nice for 4 girls at most??
We ordered 2 bowls of rice too.

 Love this maggie mee, which can be easily found in BKK supermarket :)
I recommend the chilli powder to be added into the soup *yum*

 Start cooking lo!
Actually don't like this kind of steamboat, cos the meat keep slipping down.
But, I don't deny that the meat are well marinated.
& the bbq-ing is kinda fast, unlike Mookata @ ECR.

Salt coated fish
Tasted like the fish my ah gong steam. HAHAHA!

My verdict: Give it a try!! Go for the ala-carte if you are not into bbq. My colleague recommends me the prawn cake which she mentions IS SUPER GOOOOOD!!! Shall try the ala-carte dishes next time. Tom Yum Goong...MY FAVOURITE!!! :DD

Tom Yum Kungfu
16 Circular Rd
Singapore 049372
For Reservation: SMS details to 93755736

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