Saturday, 24 August 2013


Not tagged by anyone, but I thought this is pretty interesting, after reading @beixin & @eyeletskirt's #20factsaboutme. Pretty lengthy so read only if interested :)

(1) My full name is spelled by Koh Su Khing Candice; NOT Su King (missing H), Candy or Candies. Hate it when people spelled or pronounce my name wrongly. Grrrrr >:( 
(2) When I was young, I yearn to have an elder brother cos I feel that he will dote on me & protect me. But now I would prefer to have an elder sister cos we can go shopping together or share our stuffs/clothing.
(3) I was obese during my pri & sec school days. Thus I'm forever in the Trim & Fit (TAF) program. I only started dieting when I was in Sec 1; I lose 8 kg.
(4) Even though I first wore glasses in P2, I'm quite "proud" to be able to maintain my degree at 275 (right eye) & 200 (left eye) till now.
(5) I hate insects that fly; & I really hate BIRDS as well. 
(6) If there is one body part I can change, it will definitely be my calves. Hate it being so thunderous :( 
(7) I love looking at hot babes over handsome dudes.
(8) I used to hate my broad shoulders but I learn how to appreciate it when I learnt that broad shoulders = hanger. Clothes tend to fall nicely on you.
(9) I love swimming but I don't know how to swim. 
(10) I don't really like reading; that explains my poor command of English. When I was young, I made myself read a storybook when I can't sleep. Cos somehow after reading a few pages, I'll feel sleepy.
(11) I took 7 subjects in O'levels but only 6 were listed in the cert; cos I flunked my only humanity - History.
(12) I'm a 饭桶. Give me my rice, with vegetables. 
(13) I cut my hair short 2 months ago & I never looked back since then. My last short hair was like 18 years ago.
(14) I never have any pet before. But I hope to have a dog in future. 
(15) I'm a clean freak; esp on my hands. I must have my hand sanitizer or wet tissues with me when I'm out. 
(16) I hate messiness. My things are always neatly packed or organised be it my work desk, wardrobe etc..
(17) I only took my degree course 3 years ago; with a mindset of obtaining a degree cert & hopefully a boyf (HAHAHAHA). My $20k did pay off cos I achieve both within 1 & 1/2years.
(18) I made the first move in wooing Samuel, my current boyf. He took 3 months to "monitor" me & I returned him with those 3 months of me waiting when he asked me to be his gf. We got together 6 months later.
(19) I've major fear of heights. I was so scared tears flew out when I sat on the kids roller coaster with my boyf in USS. My boyf was like -_-
(20) I'm a proud owner of 10 "babies" with Samuel. Take a look at our "babies" in the attached picture :D

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