Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sandwich Day

So previously I blogged on Salad Day organised within my department for lunch here. We'd 2 salad days before, & now for a change..they decided on Sandwich Day :D 

Was rather skeptical how good will Sandwich be as compared to Salad, cos personally I prefer salad..if not for the cost >< But turned out that Sandwich Day was equally SUCCESSFUL & DELISH!! #yumtumtum Really love bonding department lunch like this :')

 Overview of our ingredients; 
not losing to Subway at all hur :p
Cucumber, Tomatoes, Tuna Mayo, Egg Mayo, Home-made Char Siew,
Hei Bee Hiam, Pork Floss, Fried Luncheon Meat, Luncheon Mayo, Honey Baked Ham,
Cheese, Lettuce, Cream of Mushroom Soup w/Garlic toast.
Some chips to go along with as well :)

 These 7 loaves of bread is "too much to handle"
HAHAHAHA. 1 lunch & the next 3 days of bfast are Gardenia O.O"
As bread make us full easily, we decided that we shall replace the bread with lettuce next time

 The Kong Ba Bao which I missed :(

 Wrapping & bonding time.

 I like this sandwich machine!!!
Dunno why, but my sandwich somehow tasted better after going through the "kiaping" & toasting :p

Don't say I don't recommend.
You can get the garlic toast (Brand: Copan) from Guardian.
They tasted really well & only cost $1.25 per pack!!!!

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