Sunday, 20 October 2013

Baby's Birthday

To begin with, I'm not a good girlfriend. Cos I din prepare any sorts of staycation, activities or even the birthday present & card :( 

SORRY BABY BOY *insert teary eyes*
You know I feel bad, but.....
If you rmb, I mentioned in my previous post - "It is the person whom you are spending with is more important right????" So I know you are still fine with this humble little celebration. Heeeee! :p

My initial plan was to bring Baby to either Irodori, Ikoi or Dozo for his birthday dinner. But unsure of which to go for, I made all 3 reservations months before his birthday. In the end I know Dozo might not be his cuppa of tea cos it is more to fine dinning & being quantity over quality (of cos the quality must not be too bad lahs) loves, he might not get satisfied after the dinner. As for why Irodori over Ikoi is cos I happen to see Irodori deal at So, why not? Moreover Baby has been wanting to try this too, after his sis-in-law's recommendation.Worthy Japanese Buffet = our type. #cheapskate

Dozo shall be another date :) Really wanted to try this highly-raved fine dining place. 

Wide selection of credit cards promotion.

You will be spoilt for choice with the 108 different types of dishes to order from.

The complimentary dish!

Sashimi Moriawase (Mix Sashimi)
Surprising we only have a plate of this :O
Yumm-meh except for the Sword Tail, which we both dislike.

Beef Enoki Maki (Beef Roll with Golden Mushroom)

Buta Enoki Maki (Pork Roll with Golden Mushroom)

Soft Shell Crab Te-Maki

Meh!! Sushi-Teh beats this hands down.

Tebasaki (Mid-Joint Wings)

Grilled Salmon
Meh!! A little too dry.

Ebi Furai (Bread Crumb Prawn)

Mayo for your deep fried items available upon request.

Irodori Maki (Irodori Special Roll)

Enoki Shitake Butter Yaki (Fried Mushroom with Butter Sauce)
Meh!! Buttery taste too strong. 

Pork Shogayaki (Pork with Ginger Sauce)

Beef Shogayaki (Beef with Ginger Sauce)
SO-SO!! Cos the Pork one tasted much better.

Satzuma Imo (Deep Fried Sweet Potato)
SO-SO!! Will be better if the sweet potato is sweeter. 

Tebasaki Karaage (Deep Fried Mid-Joint Wing)
Yumm-meh!! But I prefer the grilled one better.

We only had like less than 1/6 of the menu dishes & we were too full to cont'd on.
Ate for almost 2hrs. HAHAHA.
Never make the wrong choice to come here. Cos we enjoyed our meal.
It would be better if some Japanese dessert is available for ordering though.

Irodori Japanese Restaurant
382 Havelock Road
#03-01 Riverview Hotel 
Singapore 169629
Tel: 6737 2002
Lunch: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Dinner: 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Straight after the meal, Baby was craving for something sweet badly alrdy cos his dunno what logic - Whenever he feels full, he need something sweet to subside his bloat -.-

"Feel like having the smoothie from Mac!", he said.
 I'm thinking deep in my heart," DAMN, pls don't spoil my plan..I've cakes for you later. After your smoothie, you sure too full for my cakes. I need to stop you from having your smoothie." :(

Anyhow, I gave an "excuse" request for shopping at Orchard area after our meal cos my cake is to be collected from Somerset.

Walked & walked, but we are still so full. Baby then come out with "Lets go Coffee Bean. I want to drink the Mocha!" I'm like "GRRRRRRR..not again?" -.-

This time round, I knew I couldn't not give in to his request. So, I suggested Coffee Bean at Somerset so it would be easier for me to surprise him with his Lava Cakes.

I gave an excuse again to head down to basement after Baby got his drink.
After almost 15mins, lemme present you his "birthday cakes"
Ta-dahhhhhhh :D

Lava Cakes from Chocolate Origin.
Becos he loves chocolate lava, I knew I just have to get this.
Luckily I manage to think of chocolate origin (or I dunno see from somebody's instagram), else I guess his cake will be some normal choco cuppies or cakes. Nothing choco lava of that sort.

But this lava cakes have to be consume on the spot, else the ice-cream below will melt as the brownie cake on top is warmed up. Yupz..thats the reason why I never surprise Baby with his birthday cake at his house. Cos the lava cakes doesn't allow me to do so :(

He said that he can finish 5 cuppies at a go if he is not that full.
And, did I mention..his cup of Mocha just went down the chute cos he nearly flipped after forcing 2.5 cups of lava cakes down. HAHAHAHA.

More celebrations to spend with you, only! *muackssss*


  1. Babe may i know which size of the Aforarcade dress you are donning on please? Im planning to get it via BO but am unsure of the sizing. My ptp is 15" and waist is 12.5"-13". Thanks for the help in advance :)

    1. Hello babe! I'm wearing Size S & base on your waist measurement, you shld get a Size S too. But do note I've broad shoulders & my ptp is approx 16-16.5". This dress fits me with a lil' allowance overall. The dress is a lil' stretchy. On a safer side, you might want to drop by Kissjane to try the dress :) Hope I did help u decide on your size :)

  2. most impt is the person spending it with u wrys. :) <3