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We're 3 - Prive & Sea Aquarium

Baby & I turned  3 together on 20.09.13 ♥♥♥
3 years together may not be long, but I'm glad we walk hand-in-hand together these 3 years (still walking hand-in-hand tightly), minus those unhappiness or quarrels we had :')

Even though we don't meet daily, we are always a call/whatsapp/skype away from each other.
i.e. Our gd morning whatsapp messages every morning, your call to me after your lunch & our 1,095 days of talking on the phone every night (be it a short 5 mins or a longer 1hr+). All these mean something to me <3

We'd no luxurious celebration, just a simple brunch at Prive & a visit to Sea Aquarium.
It is not about the location, the food, the impressive gifts or any other thing that matters; it is the person whom you are doing these anything with that is more important.

Din expect this to come.
*Ahem* Why the card design every yr also same de huh??

Awaiting for the day that we visit this romantic country together <3

Oooops, no present from me to Baby.
Only a card!! *I'm embarrassed* :(

But I ordered something for him to eat. Heeeee!!
A dozen of Hearty Dark Chocolate Chiffon Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache.

Okay, I know I should bake instead...but I got no oven lahs (though this is not an excuse).

Baby, next time I bake for you okayyyyy!! 
This I promise you *kisssssss*

These cupcakes are ordered through instagram (platform where their lil' humble business are operating on currently) from @keelywee. Despite some of the good reviews of these chocolate cupcakes (which you can view it from @keelywee or #littlecups) , I was still a little skeptical on the quality of the cupcakes ordered though online, & not via the proper brick & mortar stores.

Moreover, the min. qty to order for this little cups are 12, kind of "too much" for the first try I feel. NOOO??  You think, you can in fact just get 1 cupcake off the brick & motar stores (i.e. Twelve Cupcakes); & not required to purchase any min. order right?

Nevertheless, I still went ahead to purchase from Keely (the lady behind @keelywee) after her assurance that I will taste the thick yet smooth mixture of chocolate sauce & cupcake when bitten. Thinking that Baby loves moist chocolate cakes, I thought this cupcakes may be good since they are smaller in size (easier to pop one into mouth) & the hearty design on top of each cupcakes makes this more lovey-doovey (perfect for our anniversary). Heeeee!!

Review on the Cupcakes

These cupcakes are collected from Keely in the afternoon but consumed in the night instead. The chocolate sauce on top of each cupcake were already a little dried up by then. To make it worse, Baby & I do not have a microwave oven at home (else we can heat up the cupcakes till the chocolate melts) :(( But still need to eat right?? HAHAHA. We pop one into our mouth each.

Surprisingly, the cupcakes tasted flavoursome. Indeed Keely's assurance is true!! Not too over-chocolately (I don't like too chocolately), the cupcakes are not dry at all. I believe you won't want crumbs falling all over when consuming your cuppies right??

And guess what, even till the next day, the cuppies tasted equally yummmmmy!! I did not place the cuppies in the fridge though (since I dont have microwave), cos the chocolate sauce might harden. Even Baby's mummy & sis-in-law commented the cuppies are delish :)

However, two things to note, which the first I've already given my personal feedback to Keely. Hopefully she will do something abt it though cos it seems that this happened once again when my colleague ordered from her. Was rather shocked that the box of cuppies were passed to me without any holding string to carry or carrier to place the box. The pink ribbon at the left side of the box is for decorative purposes; not for carrying your box!! I've to use both my hands to carry the box of cuppies after collecting from her -.- This I feel is kinda lack of customer satisfaction. So, in any case, do check with Keely beforehand if you need to bring any carrier for the box of cuppies yay??? 

The second thing is I understand that Keeley is trying to be nice to accommodate a location which is convenient for her customers, if we are not self-collecting at her area which is rather far west. But it seems that there are times when timing cannot be confirmed till the very last minute. I guess this is one thing she need to improve on to be more "professional" in her business?? I mean yes, you are busy; so are we right??

Other than that, you can consider trying these cuppies from @keelywee if you like chocolate & trust my reviews :D 

This is NOT a paid advert (I'm no blogger to start with). 

Anyhow, do consider microwaving the cuppies before consuming. It will taste even better!!

PS: Even without microwaving (like myself), the cuppies are still good :)

#OFTD for our date

Close up on my floral dress.
Loving how vibrant it is. Thank You baby for choosing for me :')

Finally gotten a chance to this highly-raved cafe.
This cafe is 15-20mins walk from habourfront, but we took a cab to avoid sweating.
Ohhh, do make reservation before-hand yay. Indoor or outdoor seats available.
And also note that their All Day Breakfast menu is till 5pm only.

Yayy so we both ordered something off their All Day Breakfast menu.
Baby initially wanted to ordered their main, but I told him he can go for the main when we re-visit for the second time, perhaps a dinner :) At least this doesn't defeat our purpose of waking up early for their brunch right?? Heeee!

Baby's all-time favourite beverage - Café Latte

My Privé’s Ultimate Brekkie
2 eggs (any style), 6-inch chicken Frankfurter, maple-roasted bacon, roasted Roma tomato, sautéed button mushrooms, potato rosti & homemade wholemeal toast

Baby's Eggs Royale
Traditional English muffins topped with smoked Norwegian salmon, gently poached eggs & creamy Hollandaise sauce 

Every meal must definitely end off with a dessert!!
Oreo Mud Pie
with Oreo cookie base & affogato swirl ice cream, topped with Oreo cookie crumble & Valrhona chocolate sauce

One word to summarize our overall experience at Prive
The food are really delectable & the service given are thumbs-up.
If only it is more accessible :/
Even so, I will certainly go back for their main the next time.

2 Keppel Bay Vista
Singapore 098382
Daily: 9.00am - 12.00am (last order 10.30pm)

The sea, the many atas looking.
So, how can we not take pictures??
Obviously some mandatory couple shots we took before heading to Sea Aquarium.

Well, I find Sea Aquarium rather unexciting. Seriously no difference from Underwater World?? 
Appreciating fishes is never my cup of tea. Bring me to Pet Safari anytime; I can stay there much longer for those doggies, hamsters etc...they are too adorable!!!!

Nonetheless, I still adore observing the stingray, jellyfishes, whales & sharks. My few favorite in Sea Aquarium :)

Pretty hard to capture nice shots inside sea aquarium :((

The viewing corner where you can touch jellyfishes, baby sharks, sea cucumber (the long one in black as per below pic) etc.. in the display tank.


Erms, I forget what is this though.
Looks wormy.. D:


I'm thankful that I've you, my SANYO!! Heeee!:p
My lover, my soulmate, my personal fashion advisor :D

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