Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Closure for 2013; Welcome 2014

2013 flew away in lightning speed; a brand new 365 page book awaits me again for greater achievement.

Looking back, how have your 2013 been? Generally, I wouldn't say mine is terrific or awful. Pretty average I would say. But an unexpected event happened during the last few days of 2103; which makes my 2013 very remarkable, in an awesome way <3

Shall sum up some major events for my 2013.

- Baby's family issues. Thankfully, things are going on rather smoothly as of now. Optimistically it will get settled by 2015.

- 1 year death anniversary of my beloved granny. You are still dearly missed :(
- Surprise birthday staycation at Oasia Hotel. Adore everything about this hotel in terms of the location, facilities and food. I would highly recommend staycation at Oasia.
- Started with my first Pandora story with love from Sam.
- As Feb is my birthday month, also very thankful of all the birthday wishes & presents I got from my closest friends.

- This might be "funny" but my small toe nail came off :((( 

- Own my first double C (Chanel Classic Ear Studs). Thank You Shu Yi.
- Gotten the courage to cut my hair short (upper neck length) & I never looked back since then. 
- Phuket holiday with Sam

- Indirectly caused a buddy to have his driving license revoked :( Major guilt.

- Grateful for being able to celebrate birthday for Sam. His 3rd birthday with me <3
- Third Year Anniversary with Sam.
- Sam & my first outdoor photoshoot.

- Bangkok holiday with Sam.
- Outdoor photoshoot with my poly friends of a decade.
- My 2nd Chanel. This time round necklace from the Cruise Collection :)

- A very Magical Christmas - Proposal from Sam. Finally he proposed!!! :DD So upset with myself that my mouth got stuck in saying "YES I DO" out & my head gets too heavy to even nod when Sam propose. Still feeling so surreal that I'm engaged ^^

My 2013 Resolution that I set for myself
1. Hit the gym at least 2-3 times a week; yoga + cardio
ACHIEVED! Have been attending body pump/spinning/yoga classes 2-3 times a week + hitting the gym 1-2 a week. Sadly these few weeks I've not been hitting the gym cos of my weak body condition. Hopefully, I'll be all healthy again to hit the gym before the gym membership ends.

2. Save another $10k by end of 2013
ACHIEVED! But I spent too much recently too. Online shopping is hard to resist!!

3. Lose 3kgs by end of 2013
NOT ACHIEVED! I think I only lose like 2kgs.

4. Head to another country for Countdown
NOT ACHIEVED! Cos we re saving for Korea; still feeling hopeful I'm able to go on my birthday.

5. To learn a something it a foreign language or sports
NOT ACHIEVED! Arrrggghhh~ 

6. Make more friends & meet up with existing friends more
Still maintaining my existing friendship well :)

Not gonna set resolution for myself this year. Shall set them inside my heart instead :p

How Sam & I celebrated our NYE; to welcome 2014.

Dinner at Arbite (becos Sam wanted to have some good food) & becos I can't resist those bbq chix wings & sambal stringray over at Chomp Chomp...we had that too!! :D

This is the reason why we are forever fat. Just couldn't reach our ideal weight :O

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